Monday, March 31, 2008

How's the weight? Loser!

That's meant in a nice way of course.
Just curious when the next weigh in for the "biggest loser" is?
Back in January I filled in my goal weight for every Saturday from then until June 1st. I got way ahead of the schedule but now I'm catching back up. So I'm back to charting my eats on, I expect I will get results again. At least I'm hoping that will be the case.

At this point I've got 3 weeks of hard workouts ahead of me. Then the taper, for the 2 weekends of racing, with some recovery time following that. So about 3 more workout weeks following these events.
Oddly enough, one of my biggest concerns is my seasonal allergies. I am really hoping that the Generic Claritin gets me through. Looking at the blog, I really got crushed the 1st week of June last year. I can only do so much in this department, I just hope it works out.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Back on the Bike

I was at a conference all week, so I've been AWOL from the blog, but I got back today and jumped on the bike. I finally got a battery from the local jewelry store (last one they had) for the power meter I got with the trainer. Now I have to read the manual online, because I can't figure out what the heck the thing is telling me. It keeps changing, and I can't make sense of any of the numbers. It appears to be in some kind of scrolling average mode, and the speeds are metric, but I assume I'll have that fixed by next time. Really all I'm interested in is watts and speed, and the averages of those two things. It can't do cadence. I rode for 65 minutes while watching the award-winning film Scorpion King. Taking my mind off pedaling seemed to help, as I was able to maintain a pretty high cadence in my 3rd highest gear. Sweated profusely. Did lots of walking at the conference so it wasn't a total bust fitnesswise, but I didn't run or swim at all.

One thing I've discovered is that my biking shoes are going to be really dangerous to try to run in at the transition. They are hard plastic on the bottom, and are like wearing slippery reverse high heels. Any ideas on that? Craig, your shoes are like that too right? What are we supposed to do? I'd rather not eat concrete at T2. Might be safest to pull my feet out of the shoes and run barefoot, leaving the shoes attached to the pedals. Not sure yet.

Only a little over 2 months to go. I don't feel ready. In fact, I feel quite unready.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Swim Stuff

I watched the You Tube video's on the High Elbow Catch before I went tonight. I am definitely dropping my elbow on my right side. I realized the old Fist drill kept me from dropping as hard. So I did 5 sets of these 25 yd then stroke count back. It really makes you use your whole forearm, which then makes you hold your elbow up to keep head out of the water. Not nearly as hard as last year when I did them. My whole position felt better.

I also did 5 sets of 50 forcing my head chest down in the water more to lift my feet and get a better sense of the water. I actually kicked air the first set. It is also hard to get a good breath, but I think the drill had its desired result.

I started the whole workout by stepping on a piece of glass. I started to bleed pretty good and had to remove the glass. I used my pocket knife to remove a little skin. Kept felt like I was going to break the piece if I removed it with my hand. Stopped bleeding in about ten minutes so I did my workout. A little tender this morning, but shouldn't effect anything. I have no idea how the glass got on the pools deck. I told the manager as I was leaving, I didn't want them to make a big deal and slow down my workout.

The overall swim was good because my shoulder hurt last night but does not hurt tonight, so I think I have relieved a little stress on the right shoulder. I also rested pretty good between the 50 yd sets.

A friend of mine was at the pool, he is a good runner and he swims to take the stress off his legs. He was using a pull buoy and hand paddles pretty close to the size of the one's Shawn had in the Tango. He was flying. Still amazing how much they help especially without the kick.

Swim Improvement

I've been feeling like I've been going nowhere fast with my swimming lately. I would just get exhausted and feel like I was dragging most of the time. Could have been the diet I suppose.
Well at last night's class we were racing 100's on 3:00. That is much more rest than we typically get. With these races what typically happens with me is I do well on the first one then lose 5-10 seconds on the following races.
So I was surprised last night when the coach challenged me on the 4th set. He wanted me to swim 1:37 or better. I had hit the 50 mark at :44 the previous sprint. I forget what my final time was 1:40+ probably. So I had to really dig to get faster at this point.
One thing I do on the shorter sprints to shave time is breathe every 4 as long as I can stand to do that. With the faster arm turnover it's probably not too far off from every 2 with the longer stroke. I'm not sure if I even make 50 going every 4 tho'. Then to try and push this one faster, once my arms felt like they were slowing somewhere in the 75, I pushed my legs and kicking as best I can (take what I can get). I finished 1:37.8 which matches my best time from back in January, but this was the 4th sprint so I'm calling it an improvement.
I had taken my electrolyte capsule before class and also decided to take my bike bottle full of gatorade 24oz (made from the endurance powder). Typically I take half as much gatorade. No cramping again this week so I'm 2 for 2 with that. The trouble was that I couldn't sleep when I got home. So I missed my swim class this AM. If I had decided to go, it would have been on about 3 hours of sleep, that can't be productive. Not a huge deal. I just think this AM would have been a technique day and I like to be reminded what I'm doing wrong.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Interval Run

Here is the stuff I need to do more often. Gets the feet moving quicker, cranks up the HR, what's not to like? I probably should have done all 9 but I haven't built up to this so I wanted to make sure I didn't injure myself . I started the first couple too fast as you can see. Comments welcome, not sure what I should be seeing on these graphs? Should the interval be longer? These were 1:40.

TMI Update

I had a little rub on my thighs from Sunday Run, I didn't wear spandex under the running shorts. The friction of the faster run, I think you get the idea. Just remember this site is designed to Share . . . Not Scare!

Now that I got that out of my system. I am on board for the DeSoto suit, but I am not sure if Tamara is on board. She wasn't totally on board for the bike. "You have a bike that works, I have seen you ride it." Wet Suit conversation, "You have bathing suits, I have seen you swim in 60 degree water, what is the problem. All of a sudden you have become weak. If I knew this was going to happen I wouldn't have married you, I would never get in that water, your insane, but you have always been insane, why not anymore. I don't think I know you. You never loved me, you can't convince me otherwise, well, maybe if you freeze your kahhoonies (sp) off in a small lake in New Hampshire, you would prove your love to me and we could live happily ever after!" Whew, I can't wait to breech the subject again. Now that I have rehearsed her response in my head, I am not sure why my manhood freezing off is somehow proof of my undying love for her.

So, give me a deadline (same as Shawn's), hopefully not tomorrow, because ultimatums don't go over in the Cerra household. I explained to her one time about how in negotiations if someone gives you an ultimatum, you should take it because they will then back down. Some how that has come around to bite me. Also, let me know if I am the one making or breaking the deal.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Race Prep / Too much Information

It's getting close, basically a month before the Bassman. So I've got to start putting things in place, so I'm not making changes or trying something new on race day.
What Types of things you might ask, most are bike related.
1) Saddle, need to try others ASAP
2) Helmet, Can I lose the visor on mine? Is it as uncomfortable as I remember from last year?
3) AeroBars, Get them on and find out if they are better or worse for me.
4) Chafing, Chamois Butt'r Ah yes, the TMI begins, ha ha. On Sunday for the 10 mile run I remembered to use this, in hopes of preventing a repeat of last Sunday's issues. I'm happy to report product worked as advertised.
5) Wetsuit, I still need one. I'm going to run up to SBR here in NY at lunch to make sure they have new suits in stock. I've decided I'd like to try as many as possible, ASAP. Craig, Shawn where are you on this?
6) Lose the "Swimming Bear" look. (TMI part 2). I'm not as brave as Shawn and did not go the Nair route. This was more like a Sheep Shearing. One could joke that I should have donated to Locks of Love or at the very least a bad Toupee Shop..... Stuff a pillow? I digress.
I thought it wise to test the waters. I'm still a manly man from the front. If it turns out I'm itching to the point I want to crawl out of my skin, I'll have to consider other options. Genine thought it would be funny to post Before and After pictures. I think back to Craig's Original chafing post and Jason's reply about looking for an imaginary pencil to poke out his mind's eye.
Thank me for sparing you the visuals.
From this I've learned the people at swim class don't know me well enough yet. I was expecting some sort of comment this AM. Especially from the coach, who has often said I need to SHAVE time off of my 100 swim time. Perhaps it was just too early in the AM.
7) Because of the new trim, I get to introduce another product. Body Glide. Applied to my sides along the lower rib area to reduce Chafing during my swim. Also useful with wetsuits.
8) I've read baby shampoo works well as a goggle defogger. Need to try this out.
9) CO2 system rather than a bike pump. What are you guys thinking here?
10) Energy products.
I've liked the Black Cherry Shot Blocks the best of the 3 flavors I had. I cut them in half, I think they are too big otherwise. I don't think this is a useful product for me.
Cliff Mango Gel, Not bad. I've got a couple other flavor Gels to try before picking a favorite.
11) Hydration: I have to weigh myself pre/post run to find out how much fluid I'm losing. I have a feeling my run will suffer if I don't address this issue.

There you have it. Did I forget anything? Maybe. If you are lucky you've already forgotten the TMI portion of this post.

Finally tried the new stuff

I received my new pedals and aero bars in the mail on Friday and assembled them, but I didn't get a chance to try either until tonight. We just got home from Easter weekend and I had some caffeine on the road to keep myself awake, so I decided to try to burn it off on the trainer. I am quite happy with both products. The pedals seem pretty easy to engage and they hold well, even in a standing sprint, and the aero bars are super comfortable, better than expected. These were the cheapest aero bars I could find, so the fact that I like them this well is kind of surprising. I was hoping to find them better than my makeshift drop bars I had been using for the Spinervals rides, but I am quite impressed with the comfort and fit. I guess they are heavier than some others, and the shifters are still where they used to be, but I'll live. I did a variety of experiments with the "flat back" vs. the "cat back," which is a debate about aero positioning I found on Friel's blog that Matt posted recently, and I am leaning heavily toward the cat back, despite Joe's advice. I mentioned previously that my gut makes the flat back rather uncomfortable anyway, but when my hips are tilted forward, I don't feel like I can get the cranking power that I get with them tilted back. It's also much less painful on "the area." At any rate, I am excited to take these new toys out on the road and see how everything goes. I felt much smoother on the trainer pedaling in a circle. Giving all those new muscles a chance to participate seems like it's going to be brilliant. I think 33km/hr is within reach now. Fellow Clydesdales, beware.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

How's this for elevation?

I'll do this loop twice on Sunday for my long run. KILLER!!! Ha Ha.
Go out to the Map My Run Site and check out the elevation.
Can you see why I'll be sitting pretty if the oceans rise 20 feet or so?

Long run- Marathon Training

This may be the hardest training run I've done: 1200 ft of ascent in a 16 mile run with an equal amount of descent.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Strength Training

A little three page bulletin I found on Morgantown's multi sports page about why to do strength training as a triathlete, just click on each page to read. Faster cadence is one of the first things he addresses.

Should I do the Bassman?

Because they moved the Brooklyn Half to May 3rd. The weekend before has opened up for the Bassman.
I'm interested in this race because I don't see many other chances to race with my friends from swim class. I originally didn't want to do this because it's listed as an "Olympic distance", but it's really not. It's a half mile swim, a 29 mile bike, and a 4.2 mile run. So the Mooseman will still be the first "Real" Olympic/International.

This could be a good test run don't you think? Just don't go all out on it. Or is it truly too much to do this then a the Brooklyn Half Marathon the next weekend?
I've been going back and forth on this in my mind all week. So I figured I'd ask you guys.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reverse Brick & Hanging Upside Down

I am planning a two workout day, after work today. I will get home from work and run, then go to the pool and swim. I would not usually do this, but my run workout schedule is requiring me to do a quality day. I am going to do five 1km, on 4:30mins per km (no slower than 4:45) with 60 - 90 secs rest between.

Also, today is the only day I am going near a pool, so off to the pool I will go. I hope to get an hour in and do around 2,000 yds (sometimes I think the pool is Meters, but maybe I should ask). I actually am planning the nutrition from last night until tonight pretty tight as not to falter on the sugar side, even though it is more than I think I should be eating for the weight loss.

I wore a pair of old cross trainers on the stepper for my AB workout last night and my right foot hurts a little, I may toss those shoes. I use to turn them into lawn mowing shoes, but they still end up hurting my feet.

Final note, we ordered an inversion table and it came Monday. I put it together last night and did a little inverting. I only did two 2 minute segments. I only tilted 20 degrees past horizontal. Very interesting feeling, felt very stretched out, I may be 6'4" the next time you see me. I figure three months or so, with my stepper, triathlon training, inversion time, & triathlon suit, I will be BAT MAN. I can fight crime in Morgantown, of course the only laws usually being broken is open container laws and burning couches in the street, so not much need for a guy in spandex, six pack abs and a grappling hook jumping form building to building.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Prone Bike

Now this is what we are talking about. Built for speed. The only issue I have is there is no hand cranks on the front wheel. You could install a chain between the two and put in a clutch to keep the transfer of power consistent like a bike built for two. The bike also needs a cowing around the front to reduce the frontal (billboard).

Here is a You Tube guy showing you the benefits

Prone Bike

One benefit he left out is when you wreck you are much closer to the ground.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

More Swimming Advice

Good Forum post

Pedals made of metals

Well fellers, I have finally made the leap to the 1890's and ordered myself some clipless pedals. (Yes, our good friend Charles Hanson was the first to patent the clipless pedal in April of that year. The 1890's were a big decade in the evolution of pedal design in general.)

Yes, I ordered the cheapest Shimano SPD-style pedals I could find that offered adjustable tension. Forte had a model with chromoly spindle (strong for my intense gravitational attraction!) and a machined aluminum body (light, to reduce aforementioned attraction). I had bought some Shimano shoes at the Prime Outlet shops in Hancock Maryland on the way home from DC the other day. There were 2 pair on sale in the L.L. Bean store, and one happened to be my size, so I snapped them up.

And since I was ordering from an online bike store for the pedals to fit these wonderful shoes and I was going to have to pay for shipping anyway, I decided to throw some cheap aerobars in the mix too, since that will complete my bike package for this race season at least, if not longer. Clip-ons, of course, so I can transfer them to a new bike if I ever get one, or win one.

I read on one of these sites "400 watts of power can't push a billboard to a win," and I thought "I am that billboard." I doubt these aero bars will totally change that, but at least I can give my triceps a break once in a while. I haven't been doing very well reducing the size of the billboard lately, so I'll take whatever advantage I can get. I'm feeling pretty low right now. Maybe the pedals will help cheer me up.

Sunday Long Run

44 degrees and Raining. I felt I did a good job keeping my HR low. Yet I felt much the same as I do when I'm on the bike trainer. Somewhere in the 30-40 minute zone the power just starts to fade away. I'm guessing part of this is lack of recovery. Maybe it's all of it? So does this make for ineffective training? Or is this just the normal part of the build?
Guess this is why pro's have coaches. :-)

One thing is certain, I intend to taper well going into the races. I didn't do much the few days heading into that Florida Tri and I felt good during the race. It was good to experience that, I won't be afraid to ease off the gas when it gets close to race time.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Diane Kelly Results

Great day for a race! Weather was good, footing was perfect. I ran 19:27 and finished 5th of about 110. Ran with Thad from theY for quite a ways and he finished under 20 minutes too. First place was 17:34, then a whole bunch of people packed in from 19:20 ( second place) and probably 15 people (give or take a couple) were under 20 minutes.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Swimming suggestions

I didn't do very well with helpful advice for you the other day Craig. I worked technique tonight and was thinking about how I might describe some things.

Breathing: I guess one of the key things I notice when I'm doing a good job at not lifting my head up to breathe, is that I really lean on the other shoulder to keep it deep. Of course I'm trying not to let the hand drop while doing this. (it's never simply one thing is it?!). Leaning on that shoulder keeps the head low, which keeps the legs from dropping.
You also might want to think one goggle out of the water and breathing from the side of your mouth. Again, the more forward lean you can maintain, the less your legs drop and drag.

If you are a terrible kicker. Like I was/am. I would have to attribute all of my improvement to the use of zoomers/ fins. If you kick with these fins on and focus on rotation, it exaggerates what your feet are doing so much, you can try different things and actually feel whether what you are doing is effective or not.

Shoulder pain. How relaxed is your recovery stroke? Are you lifting your hand out of the water with a high elbow? Is your hand below your elbow until you pass your ear? Or is it in front of your elbow the whole time? You don't want it in front leading. That won't allow your shoulder any time to rest.
There are a few drills to help with high elbow recovery.
1) Fingertip drag. Lifting from the elbow, lightly drag your fingertips across the top of the water on the recovery stroke, all the way until you drop it back in, in front of you.
2) floppy hand. Lift from the elbow, shake the hand like it's got no muscles in it. until you drop it back in.
3) Armpit touch. none of these drills are easy unless you are getting enough rotation for the high elbow to work. The armpit touch is simply a quick tap at the pit during the recovery stroke. It really shouldn't be much of a challenge to do this, unless you are flat and have a low elbow. I leave this one as the "final test". When I am fatigued, this one is very tough for me.

The other part which might help is to take some of the load off the shoulder during the pull. It seems that if you can manage the "high elbow catch" more muscles are involved and shares the load better. I wish I could describe this but I'm not feeling confident in what I'm doing myself. Watch those videos, you will see that their hands drop down in front at the start of the catch, but their elbow doesn't drop with the hand. This creates a large paddle from your elbow down to your hand which you then pull through. I'd Imagine the Fist Drill Craig mentioned long ago would help your feel for the arm as a paddle action going on here.

Individual Time Trial

Just got this link. I need to check the schedule. The WVU Cycling Club has set up a ITT for the public, also as part of a race weekend for themselves. 14.5 miles. The start line is only 20 minutes from the house.

Oh, by the way the Mountaineers have Georgetown at the Garden tonight in the Big East tournament semi final in basketball. The game is on 7pm on ESPN. The player Joe Alexander has been phenomenal the last two weeks. He lit UCONN up yesterday for 34 pts. Go EER's!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Half Marathon Training

I had to find out.... I was talking to my friend that is looking to qualify for the NY Marathon. I mentioned that my next event was a Half Marathon. So he asks what my 5K time is. I tell him my result from Florida. He says but you can do better than that, that was after swimming and biking.
So tonight, I had to find out. I raced a 5K as my workout. In hindsight I should have warmed up first as it takes me awhile to get up to speed. My result wasn't drastically different from the Florida run. 24:10 was my time tonight.
So what do I do with this result? This chart helps me dial in my expectations for the Half Marathon. Sadly the formatting on the lower half of that chart is messed up. That's the training section.
So breaking down effort based training. I should work at filling in HR's beside these paces.
60% 10:41
65% 10:08
70% 9:37
75% 9:10
80% 8:45
85% 8:22
90% 800m on 3:54
95% 400m on 1:50
100% 200m on :50

60-65% Maintain Endurance, while recovering for a race
65-70% Helps muscles recover glycogen stores. Burning fat as primary fuel
60-75% Develop Local muscle endurance
75-80% Prepare muscles to make transition from aerobic to anaerobic. half marathon pace
80-85% Improve Anaerobic Threshold
90-95% Increase Max O2
95-100% Improve lactic acid tolerance

Lastly, this is the schedule I plan on following. I'm calling this week 7 so 4 miles this Saturday, 9 miles Sunday.

Apologies for the redundancy of some of the info in this post. It's more of a reference post for me to quickly find this info.

Diane Kelly Race 5k in Warren

The Diane Kelly Memorial 5k Race is Saturday morning. I'm in pretty good shape for distances, but not sure how fast I'll be able to go. Keeping in mind running is my strong point, I hope to be under 20 minutes.

I've signed up for the Delaware Marathon for May 18th. They also have a 10 miler for anyone interested and in the area. I ran a 14 miler last weekend so the training is going well so far for this marathon.

I think I have to keep working on speed, because at Matt's rate of improvement, it won't be long then he'll be running 23's, ....22's, ... etc!! Good job last weekend.

Aero Bars

One of the guys at class sold me his old areo bars for $20. I couldn't pass that up. I'll be interested to see if I can get comfortable in aero position. Maybe it will help keep me focused to lose another 10 pounds. I've also been warned that it takes quite a bit of time to feel confident with them on the road. I'm in no hurry, this does satisfy a curiosity of mine rather cheaply.

As for swim class last night, I was absolutely crushed.
I think I was really working my legs to try and help me get good rotation but about an hour in I started to cramp up terribly. The last 30 minutes I did a bunch of standing on the deck. Part of this is bad nutrition for the day. I don't have my routine back in place yet, so I don't have my typical foods prepared. I need to be back on schedule this weekend.
Last night was so bad, I figured I wasn't going to be much better 8 hours later so I skipped the AM class today. I'm back in the pool Friday night with the group but no coach.

Right Shoulder hurts more

Both my shoulders hurt when I swim, but my right is hurting more. I believe it is because I always breath when my right arm is pulling, which causes me to give a little extra to keep my head in a position to get more air. I focused last night on trying to make sure my left arm was giving the same effort, but my right still hurts more.

My mind has not been able to change to be able to breath on the other side. Every time I try it I either suck in a bunch of water or lose my train of thought and end up breathing the way I always do. Any tricks to help me? The every three stroke breathing seems advantageous, but I am entrenched.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

No Gel Singles, Jelly Beans for Me!

Tamara bought me a five pack of these in this flavor. They have other flavors at Jelly Belly. Just in time for that Easter weekend workout. An Energy Packed snack for the hard core triathlete and you feel like you don't care about your nutrition, because it is a Jelly Bean, get it, Jelly Beans are bad.

Looking to Spend Money again!

A little Birthday Money already. Looking at three things or groups of things.

Wet Suit - I am somewhat kind of convinced I should buy a two piece suit and it appears DeSoto would be the choice. A couple links to mull over:

DeSoto Site
Article Defending My Choice - Maybe
DeSoto You Tube Video

HR Monitor: Reading my HR off a watch and counting is fine when it is 120 or 140 when it exceeds 160, I have trouble seeing straight. So, something else reading it would be great.

Tri Clothing: Good pair of Tri Shorts and a Singlet. I wanted White everything to reduce my Heat retention issue as a big guy, but the white shorts sounds a little too immodest, plus I can't find them. So, I think Royal Blue shorts with a mostly white top. Links below:

Titan Shorts

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Zephyrhills Run Graph

HR in Red
Pace in Blue
Elevation in brown

Bike Graph

Monday, March 10, 2008

Zephyrhills Pro Photos

Photo Link.
I wish they would have a picture of me in aero position on the bike. It had to look funny.

Sunday, March 9, 2008


Male Overall Results

Female Overall Results

Zephyrhills Results

I don't have all the numbers. Terrible transitions. I did wear jeans on the bike. Ha Ha!
I was the only Male Fat Tire registered so I took 1st in my division. So much for getting an idea of how I did.

300 Yd Pool Swim. 5:30ish. I had to swim over 2 people. I took the open water swim approach and just climbed over when I had to. WV last fall I was 5:55 but I think that was 330 yds.

Bike. I don't know what my time was. I'll get back to this.

Run...... Until they post that there was some sort of mistake. Drum Roll Please..... I ran the 5K in 24:32.
Passing people on the run is a nice feeling.

Overall time 1:17:55 I think. Close to that for sure.

I'll post more later. My HR info should be interesting. It was way up there again.
I fly back to NJ Monday Evening

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Sunny Florida

Well the weather report for race morning. Sunny and 40 degrees, Ugh!
I did not bring anything to cope with cold. I'm hoping it is not windy, the bike will be cold enough as it is.
I'm going to make sure I take a bit of extra time in T1 drying off. I just have to remember an extra towel.
Maybe 40 won't feel cold once I'm rolling?
Guess this will be a good Mooseman lesson after all.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I got a new plan

Okay, here's what I'm gonna do.

Someone just pointed out a story from the Discovery Channel show Human Body: Pushing the Limits (My kind of show) in which a guy loses 14 pounds of fat in one day swimming the English Channel.

So I don't know what all the fuss is about. I'm just going to do that twice in May and be ready.

I'm going to prepare my body to burn fat as fuel by doing the Spinervals workouts 3-5 times a week and then when classes end in May, I just ride for 18 hours a couple of times and voila! I normally only burn about 1000 calories per hour on the bike, so that should be about 18,000 calories, which translates into about 5 pounds. I am willing to settle for that. 5 pounds a day...okay, so it might take me 7 or 8 days to really get where I want to be, but it still sounds like a snap.

There's no need for you guys to get all cocky that you are getting ahead. It's all going to come out in the wash in one great month.

Weigh In

My official weigh-In occurred today. Under the 218 I mentioned a couple days ago, I was 217. This was 8.5 lbs from last month, but only 6.5 lbs from the start, I didn't have a good first month. Another 10 by May 1st would be excellent.

11 people combined loss over 2 months of about 90 lbs. A couple three people haven't helped the cause, but the same could have been said about me in the first month.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Cumberland - Rocky Gap

The Rocky Gap tri, I did last year that my good friend Shawn came to see me do, is June14. I thought it was going to be June 7, like the Mooseman. Well I will be driving back from New England on the 14th. We are going to Maine the week after the Mooseman. We have realized we have lots of good friends up the New England way and we are going to try to see them, plus hit a couple other tourist traps. I would have loved to do this one again, but it is out.

I still haven't joined the local tri club. There meetings are Wednesday and I never can make it. Here is their website.

They are having a 1 mile race on March 22, but I will be in Williamsport visiting my Grandma.

The tri club is offering a triathlon & adventure racing class, looks like a good deal.

I am thinking about it.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Anyone up for a half-iron in July?

Here is one that several of the PSU tri club people are doing this summer:


Beautiful scenery, good management, not too far away...from some of us.

Taper and Zephyrhills Expectations

I leave Wednesday AM for Florida. Will only have dialup internet there so I figure I'd better post this now.

Got my swim in with class this AM now I don't expect to do anything too crazy before the race on Sunday. I need to warm up often and stretch my left hamstring out. That's my biggest concern at the moment. Other than that short easy workouts. Is golf a workout?

As for Expectations: Here are my results from the Morgantown Sprint with Craig last summer.
300m Swim 5:55
11 mile bike 35:04 , 18.8 avg
5K run 29:18, 9:27 Pace

I don't think I'll beat the swim time. I put myself down for 6:00 on the race form but 6:20 is more likely. I'm wondering how accurate that 5:55 from last year is...
The bike won't match because I'm on a cruiser "fat tire". I even signed up for the "fat tire" division.
The run is where I'm really hoping to improve. I don't plan on holding back here. Get to an 8:30 pace, hold that see how the HR is doing. Then hopefully adjust higher and finish strong. I'd like to see 25 as my first two digits in this category. (I could be dreaming)

Heat Pump 1st Full Months Results

Here is the first month Geo Heat Pump results.

Total Electric Bill $219.
Average electric Bill before Heat Pump $52.
Hence Heating Bill was $167.

A little higher than I had anticipated, but it has been colder than I anticipated. Also, the billing cycle was 33 days instead 30 or 31 due to weekend and dates. So, a normal length month would probably have been $10 less.

My average gas bill for the six months of winter use to be $162. Of course my average February usage would have been $240. So it appears like I saved $80 to 90 in the last month.

Should get better, I used the electric coil more than wanted because my thermostat won't do what I want it to do. Long story but by next winter I will have a new thermostat. Also, the coil in the ground is probably insulated with too much air around it. When the ground completely settles I will probably get a 10% boost.

So, far very happy.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Allright CC, I'm glad your enthusiasm level is so high! It's hard for me to be so excited when the snow is so deep and still coming. We got another 6" last night. There may still be piles of it in June! Even if all the snow is gone the roads up at the lake are gonna be in terrible condition due to the freeze-thaw, so be prepared. I just hope that I get some outdoor bike time before June.

As for your chemistry question... DON'T DO ANYTHING CRAZY YET! Let me look in some of my references. There's a professor from Wisconsin, Bassam Shakhashiri, that has published a bunch of chemistry demos. Here's a link to some of his 'at home' things to do:
Please be careful and wear safety glasses and gloves!