Sunday, January 13, 2013

Getting back on track

Hopped on the scale on January 1st and was given an instant jolt of reality. It’s a shame there isn’t a “Biggest Gainer” competition somewhere. I’m really good at stacking on weight.

In the list of quotes off to the side there is one that says “A goal without a plan, is a wish”. So my New Year’s Resolution is to plan better.
Using the information in my previous post, I put together my weight loss plan. I created an 8 month goal with monthly goals as well. Maybe it should be every 2 weeks, but I’ll adjust as necessary.

The amount of weight I need to lose between now and August 1st is reasonable if you look at the amount of weight I need to lose each week to accomplish it. So that is the graph that I am using as my “This is realistic” guide.

Of course, that long slowly descending line leading to  Aug 1st isn’t really how I’m planning for things to happen. My first bit of being unreasonable is my plan/hope that I lose much quicker earlier in the plan, and then become much more reasonable as time rolls on. Monthly loss percentages I’m planning on. (6.5, 3.7, 2.8, 2.8, 2.4, 2.4, 1.8).
I’m weighing it heavily in the front because I’d like to feel less calorie restricted once I’m into race season. Also, there’s the added benefit of being at race weight DURING race season.

The 2nd bit of unreasonable in the plan above is my August Goal. My goal weight is a number that I have no memory of seeing on the scale. It’s 9 pounds under my High School graduation weight. It’s also about 14 pounds lighter than I’ve ever been for any race I’ve ever competed in.

Wait!? Is that healthy? Yes it probably is. I just think I’ve spent so much time “overweight” I barely know what “healthy weight” feels like.

13 days in and my first month goal is very much in reach. This should be the toughest month. Although the toughest challenge this month may be the last weekend of January when I run the Manhattan Half Marathon. It will be hard to keep away from over eating the rest of the day.

Fueling for the 13.1 properly will be a challenge. Keep in mind I’ll be happy to just get the miles in as a training run, but I’d be happier if I could “race”. If for nothing else other than use it as a benchmark moving forward this season.

Alright, as for other challenges I’ve created for myself: My overall strength isn’t that great so I’ve started doing more strength training. I’m lifting weights from time to time but there are 3 things I’m really focusing my attention on.
Ab Ripper X, my pushup plan and Lunges. I’m making sure I do each of these things at least every 4th day. (I’m shooting for every 3 but sometimes it’s not possible).
The good news here is I can already tell a difference after less than 2 weeks.

I’m mixing other stuff in as well but I’m being careful not to do too much too soon. I have plenty of time to improve, so no need to rush.

I updated the race calendar on the right side of the page here to reflect this year’s dates. Those are just possible races. The only ones that are on the schedule are.
Columbia Triathlon (Olympic)
Newfound Lake Triathlon (Olympic) (Previously Mooseman)
Mont Tremblant 70.3

If I had to guess at what happens after that.
NJ State Olympic (as I’ve never done this and it’s nearby)
Kinzua Country Tango (probably as a relay)
Old Orchard Beach Rev 3 70.3
NJ Grand Fondo
Buckman Triathlon
NYC Marathon

That doesn’t include the 8 other NYRR races I’ll do this year. That is a bunch of events and it would be fun but I’m guessing I’ll not get to do all of them. I’ll take what I can get. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year!