Monday, June 29, 2009

Great Weekend

Saturday morning up at 5 AM to run with Todd. I don’t have to meet him until 5:45 but I’m finding that if I stretch a bit before I get out the door, I’m ahead of the game. Not to mention giving the hydration and nutrition time to have an effect.
My plan was to run 7 miles but if everything was feeling good, maybe I’d go a bit longer. Well it turns out mile 3.5 was right at the top of a climb. We were holding a pretty quick pace and my knee wasn’t being awesome, so I whimped out and turned around on schedule.
I finish the run only to find out that I’m bleeding. Nope, not my feet this week. I was wearing a white Asics tech shirt I hadn’t worn in awhile. It would seem that is now too loose fitting because in just 7 miles I gave myself some serious nipple chafe. Great... Todd got a good laugh out of it.
Took a nap then got ready to head to a party with friends from college. That’s always a good time. We stayed too late which was expected, I wasn’t prepared in terms of having a coffee or something ready for the trip home. We eventually stopped and got a frozen coke. I’m not sure when the last time was that I had a coke. It did the trick. Talk about sugar overload tho’.

Sunday I slept in a little longer than I intended but I guess that’s to be expected. Then we met up with Maija to go on a long bike ride. She raced in Philly on Saturday and had 90 minutes planned. We split off to try to get 2 hours or so in for the total. Once we hit a long section of straight rolling hills, we cranked it up to race intensity. I should have timed the interval as it was an out and back. Maybe 10-15 minutes each way. We took a break at the turn around.
It was an amazing day to be out riding. If we didn’t have family stopping over in the afternoon, I’m guessing we would have biked for another hour. If we have the time available to us, we should have no problem working up to the 56 miles for the half iron in August.

So we missed Wednesday’s Yoga last week and Sunday’s swim but other than that it was a solid week of workouts. Very light on the swim but I think I will fix that this week.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ah yes the Scale....
The weekend of carb loading and racing was not good to me. I was 177 on Thursday. I was 183 on Wednesday morning.
It would seem I'm going the wrong direction. Wahoo!

What to do about it?

I'm swimming tomorrow morning, then biking in the evening.
Friday is a day off.
Saturday is a 7-8 mile run, then the party in South Jersey.
Sunday is Swim and long bike day.
Monday is short run in the morning. Masters Swim in the evening.
Tuesday is Morning Swim, Evening Bike
Wed is Morning Run 7x400 on 5k pace, Evening Yoga

Hope to have a better "scale report" next week.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How could I forget

One more thing from the DC race last weekend.....
I am walking in to transition the morning of the race when I look up and notice a guy wearing a shirt that says:


I am officially on the hunt to find this shirt for you, Shawn.

Some Sweet Bikes in DC

Half of the Pro Men's bikes in DC. Click on it for a bigger picture.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Pro Photos From DC


Pink swim caps=sad times

I went to the DC Triathlon without any expectations other than to have another race experience under my belt, so I can’t say I was totally disappointed…even though I wish I had better results to show for my efforts. We had a relaxing weekend with favorable weather and some fun highlights, although not many photos since both Matt and I were racing.

We arrived in DC mid afternoon on Saturday. We were about a block from our hotel when I spotted this:

For a second I thought about bailing on the race and go flying instead, but I didn’t. Even though it looked like so much fun. When we walked into the hotel, it was funny to see so many people in the lobby with their bikes (major bike envy!) and tri gear. Got all our stuff in to the room and set off to find the mandatory pre-race meeting. Then we were allowed to check in and pick up our packets. As I got in line to get my race packet, I noticed 2 stacks of swim caps on the table at the end of my line – orange and pink. Oh no….the guy ahead of me was handed an orange cap, so that meant…pink for me…crap. As you know I am not a pink girl, but I suppose it was inevitable. Looking back, I should have seen that as a bad omen. There had been major thunderstorms leading into Saturday, so there were rumors of the swim being cancelled because of poor water conditions (although I would assume the Potomac River never really has good water conditions!). It wasn’t cancelled, but at about 6:45am Sunday morning, I was wishing it had. Next it was back to the room, grab the bikes and find the shuttle to drop the bikes off in transition for the night. It was strange loading our “babies” into the luggage compartment under a tour bus, but we crossed our fingers and hoped for a smooth ride. We arrived at the sight of transition, racked our bikes (oof! really tight quarters!) and walked over to take a quick peek at the river. It was very choppy, muddy and lots of debris rushing around. Hmmmm…..back on the bus to the hotel.

It was about 7:00pm and we decided to try to find something easy for dinner. After walking around the downtown for a bit, we spotted a Chop’t (salad place also in NYC) and got some food to go back to the hotel. As we get in to the elevator to go back up to the room this guy steps in right behind us. I look up in the mirrored wall of the elevator cab to see that is was….Matt Reed!

How cool is that? He smiled, but we didn’t say anything. I wanted to say, “good luck tomorrow!” but I didn’t want to bother him. The doors opened (he was on the same floor as us) and he sprinted (literally) down the hall. We quickly walked to our room and I immediately called Maija to let her know that we rode in the elevator with one of her “favs”. We ate, did a bit of math to estimate our race times and then it was time to sleep.


The alarm went off at 3:30and again at 3:45am (ouch.) My nerves and nutrition were much better then Mooseman morning, so I was able to eat a bagel, some yogurt and get in a good amount of water. Then it was downstairs to catch the 4:30am shuttle to transition. What was a 15 minute ride the previous night, was a 40+minute ride! Oh my! The driver finally stopped and everyone said we would walk the last mile to transition. Ugh! Pre-race set up and time for working out the potty breaks seemed to work out well. It was announced that the start was being delayed by about 10-15minutes due to heavy traffic getting to the race start. So I waited with Matt until it was time for him to get into the chute to walk down to the dock to the swim start. I cheered Matt as he started and then walked back up to get in line to wait for my start. I didn’t feel nervous as I watched the people before me jump in the water at the dock, bob around and then start swimming. Then it was my turn to get in the water. I slid in off the dock and thought, ok let’s get this over with. I started swimming and almost immediately my stomach began to feel ishy. I slowed to a dog paddle (sigh) and cursed at and pleaded with myself in my head. PLEASE…. lungs just breath and arms swim so I can move forward before I puke. Unfortunately, they did not listen. As I continued to dog paddle, I drank some water (gack!) and felt even worse. I contemplated stopping at each kayak I passed, but I kept paddling. I think I may have managed to actually swim about 3-5 minutes of 21_mins. I just want OUT OF THE WATER!! Why must my body refuse to do what my brain is telling it to do?? I know I can do this! What’s my deal here?!? I finally made in to the ramp out of the water and walked to transition. Grrrr!!!!

I got on my bike preparing to put the lousy swim behind me. Easier said than done as I was coughing up crap for what felt like was the first half of the ride. Disgusting! My legs got going after the first couple miles, but my stomach was still not feeling too reliable. The second half of the ride felt pretty good. I was wishing I could do another lap to redeem myself. The course had a few inclines (nothing I would call hills) and was mostly long stretches with 2 turn arounds. It could have been so much fun. I think I was most disappointed in my bike time. I should have been able to kick some butt out there. I secretly wanted to hit 19-20mph. Not meant to be this time, I guess. The run was what it usually is for me…it just is. Although, until I looked at my results, I thought I was a little faster than normal…nope! Ah well…the best part was that I was pain free during and after the run. Well, relatively speaking that is, it was virtually nothing. Perhaps the free ART session at the expo on Sat night did some good!

I finished in 1:39:15 and waited in the misting rain to cheer Matt across the finish line. He looked strong and fast!! He had a great race (aside from a few blisters). I am so proud of his performance! It feels so good to see him achieve the goals he has set for himself. He has put so much sweat equity into his hours of training this past winter. It is very gratifying to see it paying off for him.

After that we walked the few blocks to the hotel, did a super quick clean up and headed back down to the finish line with the camera to watch the pros race. We stood right beside their T2 transition area. I was so close I could have reached out and touched Andy Potts’ bike! It was really exciting to see them zipping by on the 8 bike laps and then the 4 run laps to the finish. The most amazing part to me was watching them come in to T2, jump off the bikes, sprint to their respective racks, bike gear off, run shoes on and GO!! It had a bit of an Indy 500 feeling without the cars!

After the men’s pro race was complete we walked the mile or so back to transition to pick up our gear and bikes. We got there in time to see the pro women finish the first swim lap, run up the ramp and dive back in to the water for a second lap. Fun to see that. By the time we got our stuff packed up. The women were coming out of the water, so we cheered for them in T1 and then walked back to the finish area in time to watch the last couple laps of their bike and the run. All I kept saying to Matt as these amazing women would speed past us each lap was, “WOW!” “Look at their backs!” “Look at their legs!” Talk about inspiration! And what I loved the most was that even though each woman was obviously extremely fit, lean and muscular, they didn’t look like clones of each other. Tall, short, broad backs, long legs, big quads…..and they were all out there kicking a$$! I loved it!

We spotted Matt Reed with his wife and kids watching the elite women’s race. As people stopped to ask him for his autograph or photo, he seemed happy to oblige. After the women’s race, we walked back to the hotel following behind him and his family. He was pushing the baby stroller while his wife kept an eye on the toddler/little boy. A few minutes later we heard his wife say to the little boy, “Hey! Who is that?” as she pointed to the guy walking down the street toward them. The little boy yells,” ANDY!!” and runs toward him. I have to say it was a bit surreal to observe this moment between the 2 Olympians and their families as we walked by. Don’t get to see that every day, right! Oh, by the way…yes they were both wearing compression socks and shorts. Nice.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing and enjoying some of the sights together. It was so very nice. We went to the History of American History, WWII Memorial, and Washington Memorial. We had a delicious dinner at Legal Seafood and then some frozen yogurt to end a wonderful day. This morning was another beautiful day of weather. We went to the Holocaust Memorial Museum and then packed up for the drive back to NJ. Even though my race wasn’t what I wanted, it was a great weekend. Matt set some new PR’s, we got to see the pros race and we spent time together relaxing in a wonderful city with beautiful weather.

I’m looking forward to the next 6 weeks of training for Tango and Timberman. I want to focus on my biking and running. The biking is just so much fun to me and I can’t wait to get faster. I have loved the interval workouts I have done with Maija (anticipating more of those) and I’m looking forward to putting in the miles along side of Matt for his Timberman half prep. I want to work on increasing my run speed, especially off the bike. My goal is a 9:00 pace for the Timberman sprint. My super secret goal is an 8:45….or 8:30! I see lots of track workouts in my future!

As for the swim….no more pink caps.

Matt's DC Race Report


I was probably asleep at about 10PM Saturday night.
Wake up at 3:30 AM.
Hop the shuttle bus to the transition zone. Should take about 10 minutes. Bus driver didn't know the route. 40 minutes later we still aren't there but we are close enough that we ask if we can walk the rest of the way. There were definitely logistical issues with this race. Genine may have covered them in her report.

Swim: Start is delayed a few minutes because the course isn't completely secured. There is a swim corral but it's not being organized. People from every wave are in the corral. When they call my wave. I make it into the water with about 40 seconds before the start. I'm on the right side of start line. There is no time to eye anyone up... Horn sounds and I'm off. The water is dark, you definitely can't see the length of your arm. This swim turns out to have the most contact of any swim I've done. People hitting my feet, arms, head, face.... I'm running into people as well. Because the wave starts were 3 minutes apart at most, I think the water was more crowded. Mixed with the fact you couldn't see, there was just ton of contact.
I also ran into some tree branches along the way. The worst moment of the swim was when I was at the max depth of my stroke, I hit what felt like the top of someone's head. So much so I looked down and back to see if I could see anyone. I then thought, that if it was another swimmer, they would have had a swim cap on right? I wouldn't have just hit a full head of hair like I just did... I have to say, I was creeped out a bit.
I kept on moving as best I could, I was really thinking that this was going to be a bad swim for me. Because of the rush at the start of the swim I forgot to hit start on my watch, so when I finished I had no way of knowing how I had done.

1500m 28:26 Haven't counted to determine actual swim rank. Looks like 170-175ish. Best swim was 19 minutes.
Edit: I had to know. 149th on the swim.

Transition went very smoothly. Run across the street found my bike easily. Plenty of room to move. Out of transition in 1:55. (I should have run harder out of the water to the bike).
81st overall T1 Time.

Bike: As I'm clipping in the guy just ahead of me has a blowout not 50m from the start. I'd be willing to bet he put new tubes in and didn't test ride the new install. I reminded myself never to let that happen to me.
The start of the bike was very much like most of my bike races. I don't feel very powerful. My focus for today's ride was to crank in circles. My quads were dying at Mooseman with the hills and my run suffered because of it. No hills here, work the circles. About halfway through the first of two loops, I started to feel like I had my bike legs. I had a group of about 6 people just a bit ahead of me. There were moments when I thought that I should power through them but they were staggered. AKA blocking. I think mostly because they didn't want to be drafting so they staggered instead. Whatever... There noticed two people in the group that looked like cyclists, so I was watching what they were doing. Take the turn, hop out of saddle and pump back up to speed. Power the "hill" or spin the "hill". This was working well for me but I'll have to admit they were slowly pulling away from me the entire time. I think I lost sight of them about 1/3 into the 2nd loop. While I was on my own, I definitely felt like I was floundering to find my pace but I was still feeling pretty good.
During the ride, I have been keeping my eyes open to see if I would spot Genine. Sure enough we do spot each other. Wahoo! I have no chance of catching up to her tho'.
Just before the turnaround of the 2nd loop. A less fit version of my friend Chaz (super biker), passes me. I now have my rabbit. Well maybe not, only kept him in sight for about 1/4 of the lap.
Next think I know, my bike number is looking like it's going to fly off. Ugh! How will I get my bike out of transition later if this thing flies off?? I mess with this a bit, while I'm rolling and finally decide that if it goes, I'll just tell the staff when I get to transition.
I get to transition, hoping I finally broke 20mph avg speed for the bike leg.

40K Bike 1:09:21 21.5 mph. Looks like 160-165ish overall.
Edit: 140th on the bike

T2: I run my bike into transition. It's cloudy so I don't need my sunglasses. I put on my hat. Pull the sock out of my running shoe and decide to pass on the socks. Let's keep this race moving!
1:20 in T2. 145th overall T2 time. (gotta practice leaving my shoes on the bike.)

I'm not half a mile into my run when I see that I'm about to pass the "super biker". As I get along side him I tell him how I tried to hold on but he crushed me on the bike. He responded that he has to make up time there because he's giving it all back on the run...
Running up one of the side road "up and backs". I hear Genine yelling to me again. I forget what the sprint course vs the olympic course look like. Again, I don't think I have a chance to catch her as she will run straight up the Avenue after this I think.
About 2 miles in, I'm starting to feel the dreaded heel chafe. I should have put my socks on. Or put a big ole bandaid around my heels. So dumb! Of course this happened last year at Buckman but I thought that was because of a tear in my shoe. I guess not. I'm sure it's going to look pretty nasty. Yet all I can think is of the post race discussion about it last year and Maija said "Suck it up Princess". I didn't have anything that was going to help so I just kept at it. It wasn't long before my left heel decided to join in on the fun. Awesome! I'm so stupid. Now I'm thinking that I'd probably be running faster if I wasn't thinking about how I might possibly run differently to not cause so much abrasion. UGH!
As I'm running under what I think was the longest tunnel on the run, I was getting very warm. When we got to the other side, a cool breeze and a light rain was there to meet us. The guy behind me said "Perfect!" I was in total agreement. We were going to be running back through that tunnel in less than half a mile. I won't be as hot going the other way.
I had my footpod going, so I kept checking to see that I was no slower than 8 min miles. Every "downhill" I pushed as fast as could, taking every bit of free speed I could get. I never did look to see what my actual splits were, I just stayed on task. Keep pushing!
With about half a mile to go. A couple guys running quickly by me say "You can smell victory from here!" I try to pick it up but I'm not going to be able to stay with them. Once I made the turn and saw the finish, it didn't look like I was going to catch anyone else. Maybe one guy.... maybe. Then I hear Genine yelling, I was right about where the carpet started for the finish. I look at Genine and point at the guy ahead of me and kick it in. I don't think he tried to sprint with me. I'll have to see the pictures to find out.
So now I've crossed the finish and I'm kind of dying. They hand me the finisher medal, I walk over to the people taking the chips. They look at me. I look at them. They continue to look at me. It seems they think I'm going to remove my chip for them. I'm not. They eventually realize that and take the chip off of my ankle.
As I'm walking with Genine, I say "did the clock say 2:32:xx? Or am I mistaken?" I was supposed to start 6 minutes after so that would have been a good race if I'm thinking right.
We walk down to the food tent. I get water. My heels are killing me. I still don't want to look. We decided to walk back to the hotel. I walk barefoot. Ahhhhh much better. Never mind the screaming when the water from my shower hits it. Ha ha!

It isn't until much later in the day that we make it back to the results list and I found out that I had in fact finally broken 20mph and stayed under 8 min/mile off the bike. The 2 goals I had going into this race. I'm now very glad that I did this race. I thought the first half of my tri season was going to be somewhat forgettable. This was the boost I was looking for.

10K 46:24 7:29 min/mile 170-175th in the run?? I didn't count
Edit: 148th on the run

Total 2:27:22 122nd of 364 overall, 19 of 54 Age Group, 102 of 266 male.
Edit: Kind of interesting that Swim 149th + 140th bike + 148 Run= 122nd overall

Fun Facts: When we get out race packet. We open it and we are pretty sure it's Vinnie Monseau on the cover. A picture of him at the Nations Tri with the capitol in the background.

We saw many pros / olympians up close and personal. At the race site and the hotel. Kind of fun.
I'm guessing Genine's report talks about this already.

This might be the first time my bike leg is my strongest of the 3 events. I need to figure out my exact placement at some point. I'm interested.

Fun Photos:

Goggles De-Fogged, ready to swim

Old joke from 1987 "Does this sweater make my chest look big?"
This is the shirt from Genine's Race Packet.
She probably won't ever wear it, so she wanted me to see if it would fit.

After the race.

the bloody shoe

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Swimming in DC

"The average water temperature of the Potomac River in June is 72°F. Based on that, we anticipate that the race will be wetsuit legal, but the final determination will be made on race morning when the water is officially tested."

I've never had much concern
about the swim leg of a triathlon. I wonder how much my feelings would be changed if it were a non-wetsuit swim. (Genine has already said she will be angry if it isn't wetsuit legal).
I also wonder if I would place higher or lower compared to
everyone else.
I doubt I'm going to find out this weekend. I'm just thinking out loud here.

The bike course is a two loop course. I wonder if they will give you a split for each loop?

Olympic wave Starts:
6:00 AM


6:01 AM ParaTriathletes
6:03 AM MEN 40 & OVER
6:06 AM MEN 39 & UNDER

I should have people to pass this race. I have to remember to keep pushing, instead of getting comfortable on someone else's pace.
There will be many women that are out of the water before me. (At Mooseman I didn't see the women until the run.)

I'm hoping the weather forecast keeps improving. It should be a fun day.

On the track too.

Today was the start of my now daily morning track workouts. I did the 6x400 at 5K pace, or at least that was the idea. It went something like this:

1:43 (Too fast, unsustainable)
1:57 (Still too fast)
2:15 (Pretty close. I have sustained this in a 5K before, but probably couldn't now, due to fatness)
2:13 (Sticking with this)
2:12 (Looking good)
1:58 (Kicked it back in for the finale)

I would love to be able to do consecutive 8 minute miles at some point this summer, but I'm not there yet. Even nine-minute miles are a bit aggressive for me right now, it seems. 10-minute miles? Now we might be talking. I didn't try to go that slowly, but I'm sure I will when I do the longer runs. This daily running stuff should help everything a lot. Weight-loss, speed, endurance, muscle-building, metabolism. Hopefully I can also get some biking and swimming in later in most days, since I start so early, but it is definitely going to change my bedtime.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

On track... mostly.

As I expected there's been some schedule modifications. I'm one swim short at this point but everything else is getting done.
This morning was supposed to be 6x400 at 5K pace. I did 3 and decided that was enough to start with. I haven't been doing speed work and I'm kind of jumping into the middle of a training schedule. So I'm being cautious.

The food tracking is helpful. It lets you know when you have an off day. Like Tuesday. I was on track up until we went out to the bar to meet up with some of the Masters Swim friends. This is what my graph looked like after I added in the Guinness I consumed. The good news is even with the crazy balance. I still burned more than I ate for the day.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

How about this?

I found the perfect vacation for us for Summer 2011. Here it is. I say '11 because we're all supposed to go to Hawaii in 2010. I've started to like climbing hills on my bike, so this looks like a blast. And what scenery!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Document the Journey?

I really enjoyed Matt and Genine's photo journal leading up to the Mooseman, and was thinking it would be fun to make one of those leading up to the Tango and Timberman. I was interested in making a video journal, with edited, very short little 10-30 second movies, but my camera is too labor intensive right now, so I will have to either do the photos, look into a cheap Flip or similar video camera, or do a lot of work. My journey is supposed to include my physical transformation, dropping my spare tire like a house afire. I think it would make for a fun video, and it would give me some accountability. I might eat a few fewer chips if I knew people were watching.

I'll see what I can do about this.

I ran 5.3 miles tonight. Not too quickly, but I got 'em in.

Swim tomorrow, AM.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday Run

Well I'm excited that I've run 2 days in a row and I don't seem to be any worse for it. I don't seem to have much feel for pace at the moment tho'. I'm pushing harder than I should, fortunately these have been 3-4 mile runs so I've been able to finish the distance.
I do have to say calorie deficit is not fun. I could really feel the difference on my run tonight. It seemed like it was looking for the fuel and it wasn't where it would normally be. It going to take me a week or so to dial in how to do this the right way.

We also went to the Philly Zoo in the morning to see the aviary exhibit which opened recently. You can see my pictures here.

This Ain't Kansas

Time for another long bike ride. Here is what I did today. (I am putting these links in here for my own records, in case I want to try any of these again, or anyone else wishes to do one of them.) This ride appears to be a mere 23 miles, but let me say it was not any old 23 miles. I am a glutton for punishment. Yes, Craig, I am also just a glutton, but not today. Three major climbs, culminating in a 1400 foot gain from where I started. The last 8 miles is pretty freakin' sweet for a guy like me. I love ending a ride like that. Every ride I do is different, because I don't seem to like repetitive behaviors, and that has the advantage of giving me lots of new experiences, but I never know what I'm getting into when I start these things. That was a lot of hills. You guys know how I feel about hills, so this must be serious. I have to be ready for the Timberman. I want any hill I encounter to feel and look like a molehill. Yes, that's right; I am making molehills out of mountains. Some might agree that this sounds a lot like my life philosophy, so I guess it's appropriate. There will be no 1400 foot climbs in the Timberman, and if there are, I will dutifully pedal up them like any other daily ride.

This is all on top of a 90 minute high-speed trainer ride last night at 10PM. Gotta squeeze 'em in when I can get 'em. Looks like a good start to the next 10 weeks. Run tomorrow.

Fundraiser Update

The fundraiser was a big success again. We have about $12,500 at the moment with potential to go a bit higher. It's fantastic.
Talk about a great reason to keep me active in triathlons. I'm not sure where I thought the whole thing was going when it started, but I sure like where it's gone.

Matt 6/14/09

181.5 lbs. No wonder I was slower on the bike at Mooseman!
Too many cookies!
Fitday is on..... again. 10 weeks. It will be gone before we know it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

This week's schedule

Monday: AM 25 mile bike low HR. PM Masters Swimming
Tuesday: AM rest, PM 3.5 mile run
Wednesday: AM 6x400 @ 5K pace, PM Yoga
Thursday: AM Swim, PM 30 mile bike mid to high HR
Friday: AM Swim or Rest, PM 20 mile Easy Bike
Saturday: short "fast feet" run if I find the time.
Sunday: DC Olympic Distance Triathon.

This looks way too heavy going into a race. I have a feeling there will be some modifications.

What really happened:

Sunday: I got a 4 mile run in
Monday: 1 hour on the bike trainer in the morning. Missed masters slept for 8+ hours.
Tuesday: Day off, Went out to the bar with the Masters Swim folks
Wednesday: 1.5 mile run, 3x400, 1.5 mile run. Evening 50 minute bike Intervals.
Thursday: 50 min swim in the evening.
Friday: hasn't happened yet.

Timberman Plan

I guess because my Olympic distance races kind of got away from me this year. I'm going to take Timberman Half Iron training a bit more seriously than I originally planned.

For the run training I'm going to go with the Hal Higdon Intermediate Schedule using the last 10 weeks.
Then for the cycling. I think I'm going to follow the final 10 weeks of this plan.
Swimming, I plan on swimming 3-4 times a week. Maybe I'll use that Trinewbies as a bit of a guideline as to how much I should be swimming.
I definitely need to spend a bit of time putting each week together in advance, otherwise I could see myself just faking my way through this.

I've got my trainer tire on my new wheel, so I'll be able to put in the miles in the basement if I can't get out on the road.

To create some accountability. I'm going to bore all of you with my current weight every Sunday morning (if I remember). With all the workouts I do. It would be nice to not be carrying around a spare tire at Timberman. I know Shawn is also looking to drop weight. So I'm not alone in this endeavour.

Let's get this done Shawn!

Pro Photos

Matt at the end of the swim.
Matt with the Moose Antlers for Nathan.
Matt Finishing.
Matt and Maija at the finish.

Genine finishes the swim
Genine Biking
Genine showing off Nathan's Braclet.
Genine finishing the run

Shawn Finishing the swim
Adam on the run.
Adam finishing the run.
Adam heading to the party.

Maija Finishing the swim
Maija on the Run
Maija Running
Maija finishing the run
Maija just after finishing.

Friday, June 12, 2009

10 weeks to Timberman Half Iron

The obvious post here is, YIKES!!
It was only just recently that I thought about this fact. I finished the Mooseman in about the time I’ll be spending just on the bike at Timberman. Which then led me to think about making some early estimates for the race.
Swim: 40 minutes
Bike: 3 hours 15 min?
Run: 2 hours 10 min?
That puts me at 6:05:00. How many GU and Ciff Bars is that? How well does a grilled cheese sandwich travel in a bento box?

One thing is certain, I need to put a training schedule together this weekend and I need to follow it as closely as I can. Genine is looking forward to the long bike rides. I’m looking forward to getting back on track. I’d like to get to this race healthy and knowing I put out a good training effort to get it done. Otherwise I’m not going to know whether or not I enjoy this distance of racing. It should also give me a bit of an idea about whether I’d enjoy doing the full tango.

The 2nd part of getting back on track is getting serious about my eating. I don’t eat poorly now. It’s just that I eat too much. I’ve got to get back to logging what I eat. Nothing makes it more obvious than numbers on a page. With it’s incredibly simple, it’s just a matter of sticking with it.

10 weeks isn’t a very long time. That’s practically “short term goal” time frame. “Lack of time” is often the excuse to not getting these things done. I think “lack of priority” could actually trump time in many cases. If not it’s a close 2nd.
I bring this up because I’ve been staying up too late recently and I haven’t been able to wake up at 5AM to get my morning workouts in. Although I prefer to workout at night, the pool schedule doesn’t fit my plan M-F. I need to swim in the morning so I don’t get stuck swimming at 8:30-9:30 at night. It’s an awesome way to start the day anyhow. I’m looking forward to getting that happening again.

To do list:
1) Create training schedule
2) Start Tracking foods on fitday
3) Go to bed earlier

Just looked at the results from Timberman 2008. 6:05:00 would place me about 888th place out of 1500 people. Serious middle of the pack. Guess I’ll find out later if I’m under-estimating.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Matt's 2009 Mooseman Race Report

The road leading to this race is oddly similar to last year’s. Almost non-existent run training and a running injury that has me concerned about walking to the finish. On top of that, add the 2 sinus infections in the last 4 weeks. I didn’t manage my allergies well this year, I forgot to double up on the dosage. Lesson learned. One good thing did come out of this. The Doctor I spoke with earlier in the week to get my antibiotic told me that Zyrtec is the only allergy medicine to help with indoor allergies. Typically indoors isn’t a problem, but I’m definitely allergic indoors at the farm. Zyrtec definitely helped me out there. (sorry for the boring stuff, writing stuff like this helps me out for next year, as I often forget this stuff).

Because of injury and illness, I had to scale back my expectations in this race. I’d known I’d have to do this for a number of weeks now. That’s part of why I started the Facebook Photo Journal. That created some fun while I tried to get back on track. Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to actually blog about all the pictures as we had hoped to do. There just isn’t enough time in the day.

On the ride up to NH, I got to talk with Genine about feeling like I’m only at 80% with my training and my concerns of walking to the finish. I was really okay with that. This weekend is so much more than just how well I race. There is the fundraiser aspect. It looks like our fundraiser will surpass $10,000 again, which is awesome. I’m always humbled by the amount of support we have from friends and family. Friends and Family are the other part of this weekend, which is so amazing. Genine’s mom flew up to help out and watch the race. Shawn signed up sort of last minute to fill in for 2/3’s of team Bloomingdales, making a 20+ hour round trip. Adam again travels 12 hours round trip to run a 1 hour race. Maija also made the long trip from NJ after having raced last weekend. Ruth, Lidia and Alexa along with another whole relay team! And of course being able to see my brother Eric and his family who live about an hour away. Again, it’s really great to have so much support.

4:15ish wake up. I find myself very calm about everything. Everyone is up and ready to roll on schedule

I take some grief about wanting to be at the race site so far ahead of schedule but honestly I find the time just flies by. So much so that I didn’t get a chance to wish the relay teams good luck.

Swim: 2nd wave we started 4 minutes behind the first wave. Buoys are to my left which is good. I drift left anyhow. Not too many people up near the front, I eye up who is toeing the line and pick someone that would provide a good wake for me to draft if he happens to be of similar ability to me. I think this is as relaxed as I’ve ever been before a race. Just waiting for the Go and we are off and racing. Turns out I picked a good person to follow. He put some distance between us in the first 150 yards but the water is clear enough that I can still see him. It’s isn’t long before I’m on his feet and I’m just along for the ride. I’m watching for people passing us, using that as a guide if I’ve picked someone too slow. Before we get to the turn around buoy, I see someone passing us quickly. A Green cap, that guy has already made up 4 minutes on me. Ugh! I’m not going to jump on his feet, I wouldn’t have a chance of holding pace. After we pass the “turnaround” we start running through many more of the slower swimmers from the first wave. It’s becoming more of a challenge to stay with my drafting. I feel he’s swimming too far to the left. Unfortunately we’ve got a bit of a pack to our right that is pushing left as well. I can’t burst ahead, so I end up dropping out and cutting back to the right behind them. Now I’m more or less on my own but I keep having to work around 1st wave people. At one point I get an elbow to my left goggle as they switched to breast stroke. So glad there is only one wave ahead of me, less to fight through. When I get close to the beach, I actually remember to stand and dive ahead a couple times to get myself into the really shallow water rather than trying to walk through it. I look at my watch. 27 something. Hey hey! I was going to be happy with anything under 30. I’ll take it.

27:08 165th overall swim

T1: I pass by the wetsuit strippers. I just don’t know how successful that would be for me as I’ve never tried it. I’ll have to consider trying this before Timberman. I’m running down my row to my bike and I get behind a guy walking his bike out to the bike start. I’m not exactly sure what I did here. I do know that he actually came to a complete stop at which point I ran around him to get to my bike.
Everything goes fairly well, a bit of fumbling with the strap on the shoe but nothing awful. I negotiate my way around the 2 trees in my row on the way to the bike exit and I get on my bike feeling pretty good about my T1 time.

2:22 spent in T1

Bike: My HR is always too high when I start my bike. The beginning of this ride is fairly flat and I should probably have started out faster than I ended up taking it. This is a hilly course and last year I felt that I really lost power at the end. I’m hoping to pace the ride a bit better this year.
It doesn’t take me long to realize how starting in wave 2 was going to be mentally challenging for the rest of the race. I’m not passing anybody. The only thing that is making me feel okay about this is the fact that most of the people passing me have Aero helmets and $3000+ bikes. The fact that they are passing me so quickly is a bit disappointing tho’…
Last year there were a number of places along the bike ride where I really felt that I was suffering. This year as I came to these places I was thinking. Here it is, the big grind, prepare for the pain! The good news is these sections ended up feeling like they were much shorter. I’d get through them and I wasn’t dying. That was a mental boost.
My best section was probably the climb up 104 to Cass Mill Road. I actually passed a few people along this section. The sad part was that I feel the worst part of my bike was up next. Once we hit the rollers of Cass Mill Road I lost sight of the group I was following and didn’t pass anyone.
I finished the bike feeling that I had a good ride. I hit the lap counter on my watch but I had no clue what my time was. Turns out I was .3 mph slower than last year. Ah well.
1:25:32 19.1 mph
249th place overall bike

T2: I had been joked with about my transition last year for the entire year. This one had better be better. I had to put socks on to run. That was the only thing that slowed me down this year. 1:42 in transition.. Still not awesome

Run: This is going to be my longest run since April 1st. I’m going to take what I can get here. I feel I’m running along fairly well and yet I’m passing nobody. In fact a pretty big guy just passed me. Ugh! Get to the mile mark in 8:20. Well that is definitely my comfort pace for running distance. I can feel my quads with every step and I’m on the flat. Maybe it will start to feel better soon.
Hey I’m passing someone! It’s the big guy that ran past me. He’s doing calf stretches against a tree working out a cramp. A minute or so later he’s burning by me again. A couple minutes after that he’s working a stretch again. I can relate. Both sides of my torso are hurtin’. I put my arms up over my head trying to see if I can work it out some but it doesn’t really help. Just keep going. Mile 2 8:13 I think.
Last year I found the hills to be difficult mentally and physically. This year I didn’t flinch. They seemed much easier than I remembered. Even the hill at the turn around didn’t really phase me. I guess all that hill running this past winter is helping out again.
It was at the turnaround that I started to think about the fact that Maija should be catching up to me soon. She started 16 minutes behind me. No sooner do I think this, I see Maija running towards me. I yell out to her “Right on Schedule”. We high five as we pass. SMACK!!! Holy crap that hurt! Then I hear her yell “I’m going to chase you down!!!”
Oh man. I’m fairly certain I can’t beat her to the finish. From this point on each time I hear footsteps from behind I’m thinking she’s finally caught me.
With a little less than a mile to go Genine is running towards me. She’s yelling “Go Matt” at me and asking how I’m doing. I don’t do a very good job at being motivational back. I think I said something like “I’m alright, I think I’ll get there”.
Not long after that with maybe half a mile to go, Maija passes me. And like the other top female finishers that passed me, is by me like I’m standing still.
Well my quads never did get to feeling any better. I did my first 5K on an 8:08 pace. The return 5K on a 8:15 pace.
50:44 10K 313th place overall.
Total time 2:47:28
I’m just glad that I didn’t have to walk any of it. I cross the line just a few people after Maija and we both hop on line for a massage figuring we had 45 minutes or so before Genine would be finishing. Turns out that wasn’t enough time. I get out of the line and go wait at the finish for Genine.
This is when the whole thing kind of hit me. I started to choke up a bit while I was waiting for Genine to get to the finish line. She worked so hard. She has never liked swimming at all. Yet she has been going to masters swimming with me for 6 months or so now. Running has been nothing but painful for her yet she’s out there toughing out a 10K. Not sure what to say other than she’s awesome.
When she finally crossed the finish line, the scene wasn’t quite what you’d think. She runs right past me and everyone else as she was in search of a trash can to dry heave into. I work my way over to her to check in with her. Does she need to go to the med tent? What does she need to eat? Is everything alright? She was alright after a few slices of watermelon and soaking her legs in the lake. Whew!

The few hours of hard work are over. Back to the party!

2:15:24 was my bike + run time in 2008 and I took 219th place overall at the finish
2:16:17 was my bike + run time in 2009 and I took 216th place overall at the finish
In 2008 I spent 3:56 in transition. This year 4:04.
The swim was shortened last year due to fog so the overall time wouldn’t compare.
2008 I was ranked 162nd on the swim. This year 165th.
It’s just funny to me. I’m not sure I could race more similarly if I had tried.

Other fun facts:

Nobody crashed on their bike this year. I believe there were 3 crashes last year.

Maija was 5th place overall women’s division and she won her age group.

Genine was hoping to finish the swim in 40 minutes and finished in 30:47

Matt took grief all last year regarding his T2 Time last year because I was messing with my getting my watch off of my bike. It was 1:53. This year, I didn’t have a watch to mess with and my T2 time was 1:42. I guess I need to find some shoes that I can run a 10K in without socks.

Only one second separated Adam and Matt’s run split.

Ruth was the last out of the water and had a kayak escort. She did beat her goal of finishing in under an hour tho’! Also she did not finish last in the swim. There were 3 other people that she beat by over 10 minutes.

Shawn believes he was the biggest Clydesdale there.

Lidia climbed Devil’s Hill without walking her bike!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Genine's Mooseman 2009 Race Report

It’s funny. You would think the words to describe this race would flow easily, but that is not the case. Maybe it’s because I have so many feelings that I am not sure where to begin. This past Saturday was the culmination of so many months of training, focus and emotions that I still can’t quite believe that the event is over already. Mooseman 2009 is complete. It as marked in my book as a success with many lessons learned.

Matt and I arrived in NH on Wednesday. I always look forward to being at the farm. It seems to put my soul at ease. Which is exactly what I needed as the next few days leading up to the race would be a bit frenzied with preparations for pre and post race festivities. Thankfully, my mom was flying up for the weekend. Matt picked her up at the airport Thursday morning and we immediately got busy preparing enough food and cookies to feed all of Bristol, NH for a month….and that’s just the cookies! First lesson learned: next year the post race party at the farm will be dessert/fruit/coffee/tea only, as the food at the race site was ample and delicious. This will allow for many less hours required in the kitchen and more time relaxing before racing.

We did manage to squeeze in some time to get to the lake Thursday afternoon to get a 30-45min swim practice in. The water felt good, not nearly as cold as I had expected. I quickly remember how beautiful Newfound Lake is with its crystal clear water. What a magnificent gift! I must say I truly enjoyed my swimming and it was a much needed confidence booster. Shawn arrived late Thursday evening. We chatted for a bit a then headed to bed around midnight.

Friday was another busy day of food preparation. Shawn, Matt and I went to the lake around 2:00pm so that Shawn could do a test run with his new wet shirt, but we were turned away at the gate. With all of the final set up at the race site, they were not allowing anyone in the park until 5:00pm for packet pick up. So back up to the house to prepare dinner for that night and get my race bag together. Back to the beach at 5:00pm for packet pick up. I got my packet and looked inside: swim cap, time chip, bike numbers, bib number…Gulp! This is all for me…I’m doing ALL 3 events tomorrow!! Whoa…I did a bit of a reality check and then immediately went to the souvenir tent for some retail therapy! I purchased the Mooseman bike jersey I had been eyeing up on their website recently. Very cool! We ran into the C5 crew at the table. They had just got in to town and were excited about the big event. Then we checked out the new transition layout and finish line. We walked down to the beach to see the swim in/out. The orange buoys in the water were all the way out to the island! Oh crap!

We arrived back at the house to find Adam already there. We got dinner ready and just as we were sitting down to eat, Maija pulled up the drive way. Hooray! Everyone was now here safely. We had dinner and then celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday with her choice of angel food cake. With dinner cleaned up, last minute chatting and race preparations complete, everyone made their way upstairs to bed with Matt & I shutting off the lights around 11:00pm.

My alarm was set for 4:15am and 4:30 to ensure enough time for a 5:15am departure. Sound sleep was not in the cards for me that night. I’m sure it was nerves even though I didn’t really feel too nervous. I think I got maybe 2-3 hours of sleep…maybe. Alarm went off and I went downstairs to eat some breakfast and fill bike bottles. All of my normal morning foods were sitting like a rock in my stomach…can’t eat. No worries, it’s still early. I took a PB&J, cliff bar and banana with me. I’ll eat once I get transition set up. I drank some water and then went to get dressed. Out the door on time. We pulled into the beach parking lot at 5:30 to find the lot almost full. Good thing we were on time! As soon as Matt parked the car, I ran for pit stop #1. I got back to the car, got everything together and walked over to transition. What a beautiful morning! It was cool and sunny with no humidity. I had a good spot as it was close to the bike in/out. I began laying all my stuff out and felt strangely alone. Everyone’s spots were far away. Matt’s was all the way across transition from mine. I didn’t really get to see him until we were walking down the beach to the swim start. I ate ½ of my cliff bar on the walk (PB&J and banana were still in my bag). I also had 1 gu with me which I consumed 15 minutes prior to my swim. Second lesson learned: ½ an English muffin w/ pb&apple, 2 bites of cereal, ½ a cliff bar and 1 gu is not a substantial pre-race meal.

We got in to test the water. Oh man! It was freakin’ cold! I did adjust a bit after a few minutes. Then it was back out to wish Matt good luck as his wave was on deck, and wait for mine to start 16minutes later. I chatted with Maija (until her wave started) and my mom. I really have to go to the bathroom…too late now…try to forget about it. Then I found Shawn and we got in the water again while we waited….still cold. Then it was my time…THE time…swim start. I saw Ruth at the swim start, we waded into the water along with Shawn. I wished them good luck and began to focus. I CAN do this. I am proud to announce that there was no dog paddling in this race!! I went at a not all out, but steady & determined pace. The clear water made it easy to spot the other swimmers and I found my own space and just swam. I got a cramp in my right calf while trying to pass someone on the way back, so I stopped that and went back to small kicks & smooth strokes. I still can’t believe that I made it all the way out and back in 30:12. It leaves me a bit hopeful for future swims. Third lesson learned (from my very wise and handsome husband): Focus on swimming to one buoy at a time. It works!

I got out of the water feeling pretty good except for my right calf and numb, cold feet. I got out of my wetsuit easily, minus my cap & goggles which got stuck in the sleeve. Oh well, at least they won’t get lost! T1 was slow for me. I think mostly because of my cold feet. But I got on to the bike easily and started out on my most anticipated leg of the race.

I took my time at the start of the bike, spinning quickly to try to warm up my legs. It was a bit breezy and they felt cold and on the verge of cramping, in addition to my cold feet. Still have to go the bathroom, but decided to wait until T2. I was encouraged about many aspects of my bike. The hills didn’t seem quite as ferocious as last year and each landmark seemed to come upon me quicker than I remember….both good things. I ate 1 Gu at the start of my ride and another at about mile 18ish. I was so hungry that my stomach was growling…not good. But I had to keep pushing. I passed many and there were a few people that I pushed to keep in my sights, playing my own mental challenge to keep focused and fast. One of them was my new “bike BFF”, Ken #558. We traded off leading each other through about ¾ of the ride. I came back into the park just ahead of him. At the dismount he shouted, “hey, nice ride!” I said thanks and we thanked each other for providing the extra incentive to push hard. The funny thing is that while I did push hard, I don’t feel that I ever really put it ALL out there. I was afraid that my cold, numb legs would seize up on me and that would be the end. So, I finished the ride feeling strong, but like there is still room to improve my time. And as a reminder…yes, I still have to go to the bathroom but figure what’s 1 more hour? If it’s really bad there is port-a-potties on the course. I wasn’t sure how far behind me Shawn was (his bike wasn’t in transition yet, so I know he was still out there), but I don’t want Adam to catch me on the run. Fourth Lesson learned: Only ¾ of a water bottle on the bike is not enough hydration, nor are 2 packets of Gu enough to sustain me to the finish line.

As I ran into transition with my bike, I could here Ruth, Alexa and my mom cheering for me. So nice to hear…thanks guys! My hamstrings and hips were tight/sore from the bike. I put my running shoes on, but I couldn’t really feel my feet as they were still so cold. Not good. As I ran out of T2, I saw Adam waiting for Shawn. He yelled, “Looking good! Only 6.5 miles to go! You can do it!” I told him I would see him soon when he caught up and passed me!

The run went exactly as I expected…well, almost. At about 1mile, I saw Matt on his way back in. He looked good and I shouted for him. He said he was doing all right. Then not even a ½ mile later, I saw Maija. She was moving fast (like a pink bunny!). We slapped hands and I told her she was quickly moving in to catch Matt. My pace was between 9:45 and 10:15 miles the entire distance. The stabbing pain in my right hip made sure that I didn’t go any faster. And I walked most of the up hills and water stations to give my hamstrings and calves a good stretch. What I didn’t expect was the gnawing hunger in my stomach, the still growing pain my bladder and the inability to pull any “mind over matter” with myself to push my body. My legs refused to respond. So, I had no choice but to run at my current pace. The last 2 miles became increasingly difficult, but I kept putting one foot in front of the other….again reciting my intensati affirmations.

As I ran down the little hill on to the beach, across the sand (ugh) and into the chute to the finish line, I said this is it….PUSH!! So, I did. And the harder I pushed, the clearer it became that I was about to throw up. Oh no!!! That can’t be happening! Not here, not now in this most anticipated moment…in front of all these people with cameras! I ran across the finish line ( I remember hearing the announcer say my name), saw Matt’s face, and then the rest was a blur of people yelling to take off my time chip, handing me a water bottle, etc…while I was franticly searching for a garbage can. I ran to the first one I saw in the finisher’s food tent. As I bent over the can, I immediately started to dry heave. The tears swelled in my eyes. This is not how I envisioned my finish at Mooseman. Matt found me and asked if I was ok. I stood up. I think I’m ok, as long as I don’t move for a second. I picked up some watermelon and ate that. It tasted so good. Ok, let’s walk I said. We found Maija in line at the massage tent. I was starting to feel better and thought about getting a massage, but the line was too long. I opted to soak my hips/legs in an ice bath (aka: the lake). I waded out into the cold water up to my waist. It was then, standing by myself in that beautiful lake, that the emotion of the day overtook me. Tears streamed down my cheeks as vivid visions rushed into my brain. Instantly, I could see Judy sitting on the beach digging her feet into the sand. I looked out over the water and pictured Matt tossing Nathan high into the air to come splashing down into the water with an ear-to-ear grin begging for another turn. Despite the numbingly cold temperature, I could feel the warmth of Judy’s arms wrapped around me. I am so grateful for that moment and the opportunity to honor their lives through my race performance. I did the best I could do in the moment and I am proud.

The rest of the day was filled with good food and stories recounting the day’s events with our family and friends. It was all I had hoped for.

Thank you to Matt….my biggest cheerleader, confidence builder and tech support. Where would I be without you? Probably frozen with fear on the edge of Newfound Lake! Thank you, also, to all of the Mooseman racers, training partners (both near & far) and to our supporters. This is truly a special race to Matt and me. It is made even more meaningful knowing that you are all there by our side. And for that we are most sincerely grateful.

Until next year men and women of the Moose…..see you in 2010!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Mooseman 2009 Results

Here is the link to the results international distance race.

Maija was 59th overall
Matt was 216th overall
Genine was 510th overall

Here is the link to the Relay results.

Shawn did the swim and bike, Adam was the runner for team Bloomingdale's.
Chics Ahoy was the C5 relay team.
Crusin' for our Brusin' was a group of Lidia's friends that all do trapeeze.

Weather was fantastic. We had a great time. I'm sure we will all write more later.

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Weather is perfect up here.
Drove to the airport to pickup Genine's mom in the morning.
Had some lunch then went down to the lake for a 30 min swim and a 30 min bike. Both very easy pace.

The antibiotic is working. My sinuses are feeling better. I didn't take a decongestant today. I think I'll be feeling pretty good by Saturday morning. Can't wait!

We've been too busy to keep up with all the posts. But here is a link to more pictures on the road to Mooseman 09.

Pictures Album 1
Pictures Album 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The storm before the calm.

Wow! It’s been a bit of a whirlwind around here the last few days.
The bad news is that my allergies have come back with a vengeance and I’m going to the doctor again this evening to see about getting antibiotics again. It seems I can go from allergy attack to sinus infection in about 24 hours. I always have serious issues with pollen this time of year, I was remarking to Shawn how I somehow survived it last year. He then told me he seemed to remember I doubled up on the dosage. So I went back in the blog and sure enough, that is exactly what I did. A 24-hour pill every 12 hours. Wish I had read that 2 weeks ago!! Well hopefully I’ll be back on track in the next day or so.

As some of you know, I’ve been dealing with car repairs over the last 5-6 weeks as well. A/C repair. Radiator. Front Brakes. Shocks/Struts. Bad Wheel bearing. Windshield replacement. Well just when we thought we were finished, our new windshield has a crack. I looked for a chip and saw nothing. So I called the windshield place and they said they could stop by Tuesday (today). I wasn’t going to be able to be home. But they said they could work on it in the driveway, so I said that was fine. Well he called to tell me it was a rock hit and it was going to be $200 for another windshield. Now I’m kicking myself for not being home when he came to find this out. I will forever be skeptical about this because I already looked for a chip / rock hit. So I told him I’d have to call my insurance company to check my deductible now that I’m on my 2nd windshield in 2 weeks. Of course the deductible is more than 2 windshields, whatever. I’m not going to tell him to install it until I’m home to see this chip he’s talking about. So that won’t happen until we get back from NH now.

Work is also keeping me plenty busy. We’ve moved into our new space and the settling in is going to take awhile. The biggest pain has been Internet. It was supposed to be installed the last week of April. A week or so ago they finally told us they couldn’t deliver the service we ordered to the building we’ve moved to. Then offered us a different product, which we agreed to. They didn’t give us a timeframe of when though. Finally last night I got an email saying 2nd week of September. LOL! I typed back “This date is a typo or some sort of joke right?” Her reply was “I’ll look into it”. The owners have been very patient with me and the problems we’ve been having getting our service going, they aren’t going to wait until September! So this problem is at the back of my mind again. Fortunately I got an email today saying they will be installing this week! Not convenient for me as I will not be there but I’m not going to risk rescheduling. I’ll have to do a bit of work over the phone is all while at the office
There are a ton of other problems at work that I’d like to be finished with but everything takes time and they will be there for me to work on once I get back. I’m fortunate that I’ve had Dave helping out with everything. I’ll be able to talk him through anything while I’m out.

So I’ll be hopping off the train soon. Picking up my new trainer wheel from the bike shop. (I couldn’t install the cassette). Head over to the Dr’s. Then get to packing up the car. Which means there probably won’t be time for a workout again! This is one heck of a taper!! It is not the ideal situation but what can you do? Life and work happen and sometimes your training falls off a bit as a result. I keep telling myself that perhaps it’s just giving my knee more time to heal. One thing is for sure. Mentally I am ready for Mooseman!!! I need a break and although this might not seem like a break to some, to me this is going to be one awesome weekend spent with friends and family.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Quick Tango Post

While in Warren last week, I did a bit of recruiting. Jerry is in for the canoe. Scott was too for about 6 or 7 days, then had a schedule conflict.

Jim was going to check with Chris to see where he was in regards to the race.
I'm going to find out where I am in a big hurry next Saturday at the Mooseman.

I asked Jim if Chris would be disappointed if he didn't swim. He thought Chris would be more than happy not swimming.

So Just for grins. Possible lineup.

13.1: Chris, Jim, Matt
Bike: Craig
Swim: Matt
Orienteering: Craig, Jim, Chris
4.5 mile run: Jim, Chris, Matt
Canoe: Jerry, Craig, Chris, Matt

Not sure where Todd and Casey are at this point. Have to get in contact with them.

Genine, Maija and Michelle are still hoping to find someone that can smoke the swim leg and maybe take the 4.5 mile run as well. This would help eliminate the need for anyone to do back to back events.