Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shouldn't we be hearing about Craig's bike soon?

Just curious when the expected arrival is.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Fun Fundraiser

I was just wondering if anybody would be up for another exciting activity to raise funds and awareness for a second cause.

Swim the channel for Diabetes. Who's with me?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Some sound training advice

Author Ken Mierke's Post regarding Tri Training.
There is a bit of diet stuff in there. How to determine how much protein you should be eating...

Sports Nutrition
Losing weight while training

What do you guys think?

Now that I'm tracking calories and my carb/protein/fat percentages. I'm curious what you guys think the right balance is for our Sprint and Olympic Tri training. Maybe the race distance doesn't matter? The big key is just to keep the glycogen stores full?
After my bonk on Friday night (yes I realize I'm low calorie at the moment). I just figured no time like the present to see what kind of tweaks I can put into place and see/feel the results.

65/20/15% carb/protein/fat is a ratio I see often.
41/30/29% is what I am averaging currently. (2 week average, the free program is quite helpful).

Dropping the fat should be easier than it looks here. The majority of this fat is from the dressing on my salad at lunch. I've been too lazy to bring in my own dressing. Given the calorie density of fat, changing the dressing will just allow me to eat more volume. How bad can that be?
Of course the other thing about this is I'm only eating about 2/3's of the calories I should be. So If I add another 1/3 calories largely of carbs that will tip the balance as well.

It's a work in progress, just thought I'd post it up for discussion.
A good discussion thread.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Many Swim Videos

I was searching for some sculling videos and I found this link.
Swim Videos
January 2007 has the sculling. They look like they could be really helpful at building some swim muscles.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Posionous Gas No Longer Lives Here

Finished the install on the Geo Heat Pump Thursday. Which means I valved the Natural Gas out. I have to call and disconnect next week. No more CO monitor or worry about the heat box going out.

The big delay finishing this was getting a heating contractor out to hook up the duct work. He has been busy since before Christmas. I wanted it to look good and I can't bend metal the way they can. Very nice guy. He even went back to the shop and got me a better thermostat because he thought the one I got was not good enough, he was right. He has never installed a Geo unit, though this is the second unit he has done duct work on. He then called me at 9 pm that night to make sure my wiring went OK and I had heat. He seem surprised that it was working, I must have instilled some confidence in him.

Pump is running well. I will not say good because I picked a cold week to do the change over. The emergency Electric coil has run a lot. The outside ground loop is still eliminating air, and my setup to do this was not as effective as I thought. So, the compressor keeps kicking off, which means it isn't producing enough heat to keep the house warm, hence the emergency coil. I got some plumbing parts yesterday, I hope to get it straightened out. Of course 6 degrees C will be easier to maintain than the -4 C it has been.

Very excited, it runs more often, but is very quiet compared to the old furnace. Looks prettier in the basement and is half the size of the old furnace.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Well I was really looking forward to Friday night swim class. Last week was fantastic. I had a couple good sessions, Sunday and Tuesday. Then I get to class and completely BONK!
This is the first time I've really felt the effects of my calorie deficit diet. I'm guessing I made it through about 45 minutes. I wasn't strong on anything of any distance. I had to get out of the pool because of a calf cramp while doing pull buoy drills?!?! While stretching out the calf pool side I realized my hands were actually shaking a bit.
I realized I was done, very disappointing. I knew that while I was dieting I couldn't expect too much. It's just that up until this point it wasn't a problem at all.
So I went home to look at the calorie count for the day compared to last Friday. 400 calories less. I didn't mean for it to be that way. It's just that when I get home from work I can't eat too much or else I'll get stomach cramps when I swim. Just bad food planning on my part.
The coach of course was asking me what was up. I explained to him my focus is my diet at the moment. Basically he said I need to tweak my plan. Ha! I agree, I don't want a repeat of tonight.
I'm really looking forward to hitting my goal weight so I can start eating all the calories needed to maintain my weight. All in good time.

Some Good Reading: Base Building

New approach to base building

Wetsuit Fit Guide

Just a list of things to keep in mind while shopping.
Fit Guide

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Big Loser Report

When are we going to report? I just noticed it's been 2 weeks already. I need to know if Craig's magic beans really work!

Bike Tuneup

I'm not as knowledgeable about tweaking my bike as I'd like to be.
I found this to be helpful in getting my shifting back in the groove.
Rear derailleur adjustment

Awesome Pool

Worlds largest pool
Google sightseeing

I'm going to swim to the other end and back. See you in an hour or so.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Word's of Wisdom

I was reading the book "There is No Such Thing as "Business Ethics"' by John C. Maxwell. Of course like most books were the title sounds bad or is telling you to do the wrong thing, they mean the exact opposite. I thought I was going to be able to get away with something, but he makes the point that "Business Ethics" don't exist because life ethics don't. If you are ethical in your life you are ethical in all things, including business. You can't separate.

To make this even a deeper nested loop, he quotes Richard Foster from "Reasons to Be Glad". I thought it said a lot about triathlon training and ultimately about life:
  • The disciplined person is the person who can do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. The disciplined person is the person who can live in the appropriateness of the hour. The extreme ascetic (rigorously abstinent, I had to look it up) and the glutton have exactly the same problem: they cannot live appropriately; they cannot do what needs to be done when it needs to be done. The disciplined person is the free person.

Maxwell goes on to point out the irony of gaining freedom by containing your emotions with discipline. And as I told Matt while running up the hill in the Tango in 32 degree (Celsius) weather, it is all about the delayed gratification, which is the only way to develop discipline. The discipline part is new, I only knew the about the delayed gratification in August.

Thanks for listening.


Not sure you can call this nutrition

Beer Calorie counter
Sam Adams

Fundraiser 4/ Relay Team

I submitted paperwork today. Hopefully I will have final details from them soon.

Not sure if I've mentioned this. Genine now has a Bloomingdales relay team together. Genine will be doing the bike. She did a little more than half the course last summer and she took her first spinning class at the gym on Sunday. She already wants bike shoes!!! She's into it.

New on the Mooseman Website!

Make sure you stick around for the awards ceremony, and keep your bib number! Guru bikes will be giving away a fully customized Guru frame. You must be present at the awards ceremony to win!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Swim Training

I thought I had posted this before. Working up to swimming a mile.
Zero to 1650
I just wanted to have this on the blog so I can find it easily in the future.

Two Below

Grass Roots Racing

Some great looking races, pretty local to me (just over an hour to get there). I am positive Scott Angove has done some of these. What do you think Jim, a little Two Below Duo?

I was actually looking at the April Race. I Need a partner.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Well I have complained in the past that I didn't do well keeping track of calories because I hate measuring and weighing... Yet I knew that every diet comes down to calories in vs calories out.
So I have been tracking calories on the fitday website.
The cool part of the site is that you can add your food labels and make a custom list of foods you eat. Which makes it much more accurate and it's also easy to enter your info once you set it up.
As with anything, it takes a bit to figure out how to use it and of course there are things the free version doesn't track for you. ($20 for pc program) Yet for my purposes it's really good.
It tracks your weight loss goal as well. Just another good reminder for me.
Just wanted to give this site another plug. Genine is using it as well she's digging it.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Another Economic Boost Completed

I bought the trainer. It is a Kurt Kinetic Road Machine fluid-filled flywheeled trainer. Looks pretty solid. Also got a nice 3-way adjustable front-wheel block, a sweat-catcher, and a power-meter. I set it up with the help of the seller, a pretty respectable former triathlete and current grad student here. He used to be regionally ranked. Said he normally averaged his bike at 25-27 mph.

Now all I need is a real bike to put on it.

I put my Trek on there and it seems great. Really works the quads in a way that I never get outside because of the rolling terrain. Craig isn't gonna beat me on his slick new bike!

Friday, January 18, 2008


My kid made me go to Hoss's tonight, so I may not make the weigh-in tomorrow morning! I tried to focus on the salad, and I surely didn't stuff myself like I would have in the old days, but suffice it to say I still ate more calories than I would have if we had stayed home. I was so good the rest of the day, I might still be okay.

There's a bike trainer for sale here in the tri club that I might have to go for, if no one else does. It's a Kurt Kinetic, which seems pretty good. It might not last, and I might not be able to justify the cost, but I need to get going in the winter somehow.

Got the coaches attention

Tonight in swim class I may have convinced the coach that I've got the potential to drop another 10-20 seconds per 100 with a bit more work on my technique.
This is because at the beginning of class we did a 100yd race and I set a personal best at 1:38.
Then later we did a 500yd swim with the pull buoy. I was sharing a lane with the best swimmer in class and I stayed even with her the entire 500. With the pull buoy I was able to just focus on rotation and cruise.
Sadly after that we did some drills which I really didn't have the feel for and it just took me out of sync and exhausted me.
If I were smart I'd hire the coach for a training session. Then I'd fatigue myself by swimming a full 3o minutes before he got there. Then we could work on all the stuff I do wrong once I'm fatigued. I'm thinking that if I knew what to focus on to get back into form, I'd make some serious gains.
Because I seemed to nail the technique with the pull buoy, I think I'm going to drill on Sunday 50 pull, 50 swim, repeat forever.

Keep your old bike!

You aren't going to get rid of your old bike are you?
I think you have to keep it around just in case you do a full ironman race.
Maybe you will be as lucky as this guy.
Most worthy of a bike upgrade at Ironman Canada
Forum chat regarding the bike

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Did it!

Klein Quantum

The Canondale I was bidding on went higher and this Klein Quantum went on this morning with a "Buy It Now" option for $500. With the shipping was about $15 more than I wanted to spend for the Cannondale but I don't have to worry about being tagged out with a minute to go by some lurker. Older model than the Cannondale, but lighter and better components. The Klein is made by Trek. It appears they make it to Kleins specifications. So, even though Trek owns/builds them the world famous Gary Klein (yeah I didn't know him either) designed it.

Suppose to be fast and it had Aero bars on it, a plus. Not necessarily a TT bike, but with the Aero's I will be in the position.

I will let you know how it looks/rides when I get it.


Good website to browse

Medic Direct
There's a bunch of good stuff on here, like this Carbohydrates Needs Estimator
Or this Nutrition for Competition

Check it out.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

calories needed to maintain weight

Found this interesting, I can never count calories well though. I should take a stab at it one day since I seem to eat somewhat similarly every day.

Determine which of the following describes you. Then multiply your current weight by the number indicated and you have a good starting point as to how many calories you can eat to maintain your current weight. If you fall somewhere between the levels adjust the number accordingly.

12) You Exercise: Almost Never
13.5) You Exercise: Lightly 3-5 days a week
15.5) You Exercise: Moderately, 3-5 days a week
17) You Exercise: Vigorously, 6-7 days a week
19) You Exercise: Vigorously, daily and you have a physical job

I don't think I changed my caloric intake much all of last year but I was exercising much more. I lost about 10 pounds in 2007. The initial drop was Oct-Dec 2006 I lost 15 or so in those few months.
Maybe this weekend I'll figure out about how many calories I'm eating currently. I mean Craig has his magic weight loss pills, I've got to do some homework to make sure I keep up.


Nothing to do with Tri's, but my dad got news Monday that he has prostate cancer. I spoke with him about 40 minutes last night. He is quite fine with it or not worked up might be a better analysis. It appears it is super early stage and the treatment is supposed to be great. The doctor actually told him one option was to do nothing and see if it gets worse in the next 6 months.

He is opting for a treatment, which will be at least what they call seeding (tiny radiation pills that are implanted to destroy the cancer cells) and potentially a couple radiation treatments. No hormone treatment.

I have had an understanding that this has become fairly routine, both my uncles have had it and are now "cancer" free. So, no one is worked up, just something Dad needs to get done. Just keeping him in your prayers would be appreciated. If you don't know his name is Tony.


Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Put the kettle on

Things are heating up! Time is getting short and we are now feeling the pressure. Bikes, wetsuits, training bumps, diets. We live in exciting times. I thought I would update you guys on my status, just for posterity's sake. Starting last weekend (Jan 4th) I began my new diet, which is a constant supply of pistachios tossed into a "Zone" diet, made famous by Dr. Barry Sears. I am primarily using macadamias for the fat part of the equation, and the afore-mentioned pistachios make up a fair percentage of the protein portion. For carbs, I've been going with fruit, yogurt, oatmeal, and All-Bran. I bought some Fibersure just for fun and have been sprinkling that in everything from scrambled eggs to tuna salad. So 12 days later (today) I took my BP and it was 109/58. Please keep in mind that I weigh 260 pounds, and still carry a goodly floatation-pack of fat on my body, and you should realize that that is a pretty remarkable situation. I think it's pretty cool, so I am going to keep paying the exorbitant price for shelled pistachios.

I am still completely off caffeine, and I don't see myself going back. With the help of this crew, I have found a solution that I like and that I think is reasonably healthy, at least by comparison, which is a home-brewed iced tea with a dash of kiwi-strawberry juice. Tastes great, less filling...and no alcohol.

I missed the first tri club meeting here because of an MLK Jr. Banquet, but I am intending to go next week. I am on their list-serve now, and have discovered that many of them do master's swimming and also get discounts on bikes and wetsuits. Those will pay for the membership in spades, I believe. Next week, Coach Paul is supposed to be coming to talk to us, so I don't want to miss that. I'm looking forward to getting involved.

School and work started this week, so I now have to try to figure out when I am going to do anything else. Early morning looks like the answer, but it is so unappealing. Ugh. I may start riding my bike the 5 miles to work when it warms up, but that won't work for a while. Maybe I'll do the steep-treadmill-walking thing. That is more tolerable at that hour than running. I gotta get the time in somewhere. I don't want to lose all my mitochondria!

Watched a Running Coach DVD last night

My friend Doug loaned me a DVD of running coach Jack Daniels.
I found that it was really well organized and was a great reminder of all the basics of training.

I'll summarize some of the info here for future reference.

Types of runs:
Easy Running - Good for Cellular adaptation. Hemoglobin and Mitochondria both make increases which helps carry oxygen and get fuel to the muscles.

Threshold Running: This helps build Lactate Threshold

Interval Training: VO2 Max builder.

Hills or Short interval with long rest: This improves your economy. Sprinters do much of their work on Short Intervals long rest.

Keep a couple things in mind for the Intervals and hill drills.
1) running above your VO2 max pace is no better than AT your VO2 max pace. It does up the risk for injury though and will limit the number of reps you will be able to do.
2) Also it does take some time to ramp up to your VO2 max. Make sure the interval is long enough so you are in fact stressing your VO2 max.

Lastly I found it interesting how much benefit a 30 minute workout achieved, shorter than that not so much. After 30 minutes obviously there are gains, but the curve to 30 min is quite steep, then it starts tapering off.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Looking to Help the Economy

I have not bought a bike. Lost out on the two I linked earlier. Someone Snatched them with the buy it now option. I have determined to buy one used. Looking for one of two things, a time trial bike (then I train both on the old Schwinn and the new Time Trial), or good road bike, ditch the Schwinn and get it on with my new bike.

I am helping the economy by drivng the price up on these:

Sweet Cannondale

Javelin Time Trial Has great reviews

I am currently winning Cannondale Time Trial. This is an interesting bike. Sold as a Time Trial, but geomtry is closer to Road Bike. So you get the Aero frame and bars, but is easier to sit up on.

I am dug in. I hope the bike fit wells when it comes. I believe I am sold on one of three brands, Jamis, Javelin or Cannondale. I honestly believe I may have to raise my purchasing price, but will play this game for a week or better.

Swimmer's Shoulder

I keep having issues with my left shoulder. So I decided I needed to look into reasons why. Other than just say "overuse injury" from swimming.
I found this link.
And I'm guessing the answer is that I always breathe on the right side as it says swimmers shoulder will develop on the opposite.
So my mission is to breathe on the right in one direction, the left in the other direction. Hopefully this will help correct this problem quickly.
I'd like to breathe every 3 but that is still very difficult unless I slow my pace down. Which might not be a bad idea if my shoulder isn't feeling better soon.

Mooseman Maps

Mooseman Bike
Mooseman Run
I can't find an exact map for the run. This is my best guess.
There looks to be a good hill at the halfway point of the run.
I know there are a couple Hills at the north end of the lake for the bike.
Good news is that the swim course appears to be flat. I'm hoping for a no wind day.

Fundraiser 3

We are close now. Here is the email from the coordinators.

Thank you for your email and for thinking of us during your triathlon training!
Your email was passed onto me as I am the coordinator for our Running The Race Against Cancer program. This program allows runners to participate in any race, of any distance, anywhere while raising money for the Jimmy Fund. We just require that the participant obtain their own race entry/fee and in return we provide the runner with an online fundraising website and if they raise $500 we will give them a running singlet to wear during training and the day of the race. This sounds like the web program that you are thinking of.

If you choose to restrict this money towards Dr. Guinan's fund, it must be a
minimum of $10,000. In order for us to move the money to a specific fund, it
must meet those guidelines.

I then sent a few questions. Here is the reply.

1. Your total will include any company matching gifts. Once you are registered, I will send you an email with all that information. Matching gift forms can take up to several months, so we can wait until you reach your goal of $10K. You should have all gifts sent to you first, so that you can track your progress. It is an internal process to move the gifts over to Dr. Guinan's fund once you have reached $10K. Do you know the exact name of the fund you want to work with?

2. We can set up your website however you would like. You can have each person register and have their own website, etc. or you can have one website and have everyone direct all their donors to that one website. I can work with you so that for every $500 you raise, you can get a singlet for a team member, that's not a problem.

What are your thoughts about individual pages or one page that tracks everything as a Team?
I know some people are looking at getting sponsors. So I wasn't sure if they would rather see an individual page instead of a team.

I'm hopeful that this will all be ready to go by the end of this week.
I may be being optimistic but I feel as a group $10,000 is well within reach. Guess we will soon find out.
We will also find out if wearing that singlet makes you look as huge as the guy in that picture. We are counting on you Shawn!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Good Luck in Phoenix Guys!

If you want to keep track of Jim, Chris and Marty at the Marathon on Sunday you can go to this link. It will start at 9:30 EST.
Jim is #419, Chris is #2052, Marty is #7013.


Missed out on the bike. I logged on at 10:15 last night to see if it was getting some action, and it was over someone bought now. I realistically would not have hit the buy button until this morning, because Tamara and I needed to discuss the money transfer issue.

Matt pointed out to me this guy had sold another bike and used the same Sales style. Here is that link. Jamis Comet - SOLD

Well it got me interested in this Jamis bike so I searched for some reviews. They look good and the used ones don't break the pocket book.

You understand that you all are going through this process with me if you like or not.

Already found two on old eBay. The one is actually a steel frame and weighs less than 9 Kg, do you believe that. I got the approval this morning to go for it on a used bike under $700 or so.

Jamis Eclipse

Jamis Comet

So, I can always buy a Motobecane, but I can hold out for a nice used with the better components. We will see how this process takes me.

I really like the steel concept, but the Comet looks aero.


Craig, the Leader bike auction ended early with "Buy it Now." Was that you? It did look like a nice price.

I was looking at wetsuits this week (I don't know why since I shouldn't be buying one), and I am finding the weight thing to be somewhat sketchy too. For example, I normally wear a 2XL shirt these days and they fit fine if I don't put them in the dryer on high heat. As for pants, I can often use an XL if they are long enough. So I was looking at ProMotion wetsuits and their sizing chart lists a number of variables. I fit the height and measurement parts of the 2XL, but my weight is still higher than both the 2XL and 3XL. Naturally, the 3XL costs 40 dollars more, once again punishing me for being big (sizism!). But I'm betting I could fit in the 2XL even though I am 30 lbs over their suggested weight because of the way I am proportioned. These things are supposed to be stretchy too, so who cares if it's tight? ProMotion advertises "Hyperstretch! Well then what better way to fit my gut in there than with Hyperstretch. Supposedly ProMotion is a sponsor of the PSU Tri club, so maybe I could benefit from that relationship. I'll check when I attend a meeting.

I also have my old whitewater-rafting wetsuit, which is a sleeveless and has a big rip on the butt, but if anyone wishes to use it, I will be happy to donate it. I think removing it in T1 might negate any advantage it gains you in the swim since it isn't a tri suit, but hey, it'll keep you warm and it's free. I will not be wearing it. In fact, Craig, if you want to take it up to the boat or something, feel free. I doubt I'll ever use it again.

As for the Biggest Loser competition, are we looking at April 8th as the final weigh-in? I think I lost a pound yesterday. I'm on a mission this month. You guys better get crackin.'

More Fundraiser Info

One of the online services is, will charge $2.30 for a $20 Donation. $7.50 for $100.
Fees are 6.5% plus $1 per transaction
Here is an example of what you get for that money.

PayPal will charge 88 cents for a $20 donation. $3.20 for $100
Fees are 2.9% + $0.30 USD up to $3000
We would have to design our own page and make updates. I was thinking of just using blogger to do this.

Obviously it would be best for people to write a check and send it either to us to send in. Or they could send it directly if they felt more comfortable with that. Either way these checks would be made out to the hospital fund, so it shouldn't be a big deal.
The site will just send a check to the charity at the end of each week.
The trouble with the PayPal method is if I have to create an account it won't necessarily look as official, and people will have to trust us to forward their donation. Unless the fund sets up a paypal account for this purpose. I did ask in my email to them if they have something like this setup already.

91 contributors at $1.00 each + $413 in fees= $504 of $6367 raised was given to so just about 8% in the example site I sent you to.

91 contributors at $.30 each + $185 in fees= $212.30 of $6367 raised paypal would keep. So just about 3.3% would not go to the cause.

Am I right to think the extra few hundred dollars active charges is worth it? I believe the larger portion of our funds raised will be checks sent in directly anyhow.

Give me some feedback here. Thanks

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Mooseman Registration

From the race director:
120 slots for Moosey Half Iron, and 200 slots left for Moosey Intl...
Timberman Sprint is 200% ahead of last year, and Moosey is 110% ahead of last year.
I'm guessing they'll all be full pretty quickly after the new year. I'll definitely keep everyone informed.

Wahoo! I guess I should decide on the West Virginia Tri at the end of June soon. I'm guessing it will fill quickly too.
I'm going to ask if there are slots for relay teams. Of if that's part of this count. I'll post an update once I know.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Couple Odd's and End's

Bike. Found this bike. LEADER Bike. Looks like a good price. The components are pretty nice. I had researched the frame before. They get good reviews. I have sent the guy some questions to get a little more info. I might be moving on a bike. I now have 5 days 9 hours.

Grant Town Biggest Loser Weigh In. A one gal and one guy backed out. Eleven people total weighed in, the girl is going on the honor system. I was dead center, weighing in at 223.5. I weighed myself Sunday, of course after a run I was 221 (Christmas was not good to me). Only one guy was under 200lbs, which shocked me because three guys who weighed more than me are all about my height. (actually the other guy who backed out weighed under 200, the reason he backed out was because he graduated high school 30 yrs ago, 145 lbs, and currently weighs 155lbs, he had no chance), The other 6 are closer to about 5'10". Amazing how differently people carry weight. So, if you want to follow along and play at home, weight yourself today. By the way I think I mentioned one guy who had taken off a bunch this summer. We were talking a little more. He was 262 lbs this time last year. He weighed in at 238 and said he had put 5 lbs back on over Christmas. He is a stout boy, but he could still give 20 or more. I actually was thinking good for him, I bet he feels a lot better than a year ago.

Push ups & Sit ups. I have determined that I should be able to do lots of these to assure my core strength is available. I do some when I do my 20 min or 40 min Strength & Stretch (2 to 3 days a week). I am going to try to do them at least three additional days per week, so five to six days a week. I hope to be able to do 100 push ups non-stop and turn over and do 100 sit ups non-stop, we will say by May 1. I have never been able to do this. When younger I could do the 100 sit ups, but only could do about 65 or so push ups. I hope this helps my swim, because my arms fatigue badly after about 400 yd of swimming.

That is all I have right now, but sometimes additional stuff comes on me in waves.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Swimming Links: Breakdown of Freestyle

Another couple links to keep track of.
Crawl Analysis
Efficient Freestyle Swimming
Turning from the hips

Wetsuit Sales

At swim class the other night one of the guys mentioned the Mooseman and people got talking about wetsuits (for obvious reasons). They asked what kind of wetsuit I had and I told them I wanted to drop another 10 lbs before making the purchase. They then mentioned that right now is end of model year and a good time to get closeouts. I guess I should do some research on wetsuits sooner than later. Starting with is 10 pounds enough of a difference to change overall fit?
If anyone has put any thought into what kind of wetsuits we should be looking at, thickness, full sleeve and so on. I'd love to hear what you are thinking.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Fundraiser Update

I sent an email out to the Fund Coordinator today. Hopefully I'll get some quick answers and I'll be able to post more soon. I'm hoping to have the info by the end of the week and a blog/website setup by the end of the month at the latest.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Grant Town Biggest Loser

This morning a co-worker came up with a plan for our administrative employees to lose weight. Next Tuesday, Jan 8, we are all going to weigh in. We all lay down $25 each. We then try to lose weight. We do this for three months. % of your original weight.

You win money two ways. If you are the leader at the end of any of the first two months you get $25, then the overall winner at the end gets the kitty. Potentially $200. I can see a couple people not doing it.

I have decided to do it, despite the fact I may have the hardest time losing compared to most others, by this I mean I have the least available to lose, we have some guys with eating/no exercise issues. The guy suggesting it, is bigger than me and this last summer he started running for three months and took 20 lbs off. He quit in the fall and put 15 back on, so I assume he has an easy 15 to give, where I may only be 5 easy. A couple others if they apply themselves based on their heights, I believe no contest. Essentially I am the long bet. I should be getting better odds, like 5 to 1. I will keep you updated

Craig's Itinerary

I listed a preview a while back, but here is the current. I dropped a 1/2 marathon that is taking place locally tomorrow. I had no gumption to get in the proper form.

Feb. 3 - PA Nordic Championship 5.5 K classical cross country ski race. Laurel Highlands
April 6 - Brandywine Valley Duathlon/Coatesville, Pennsylvania. 5k - 22K - 5K
Someplace near Philadelphia. I probably would not do unless Shawn or Matt or Jim want to check it out. My wife has some family in Reading, so could be good deal. It is penciled in.
June 7 - Mooseman, only reason I'm posting.
June 29 - Mountaineer - The reason I wanted to start doing a longer Tri.
July 4 - Lakewood 10K - If I am in town.
July 26 or 29 - Rainday 5K - My First 5K race. Will be fourth straight year. Eleanor changes age groups (as two time defending female champ 5 and under) on 1 mile run. We hope she can pick up her game and go sub 11 minutes. Other two need to go sub 9 and 10 respectively.
Aug 2 - Tango - some version.
Aug. 23 - Sprint Spin Splash - My first - dear spot in my heart - very fun.
October something - Waynesburg Homecoming 5K. I have three years of top two finish in my age group or better. The booty is always good on the prize side.

Even though I got on Jim about the run, I believe mine is run heavy I just don't have the distance Jim is doing. I need a 10 K race in the late April or early May to understand what a run race this distance feels like.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My year in preview

Since we're on this kick, here's what I intend to do this year, with the possibility of adding more as time, money, and other plans permit.

I want to do something before the Mooseman, but I haven't chosen yet. Maybe a duathlon with Criag or one of the wetsuit trials Matt listed, though I think I will be renting my wetsuit for the Mooseman, so I may not get a trial. I'm not too worried about that. I'm gonna get killed anyway, so the extra minute I lose getting that off is okay.

Then I have the Mooseman.
I'd like to do the Mountaineer/MedExpress Olympic(XL3!)
And the Tango (either solo or Tango Team, yep, that's what I'm saying. I just hope I can finish the 1st run before the cutoff. After that, I think I'll be fine, seeing as how I'm going to set a course record in the swim :-) ).

That's it for me!

I might do the Spin, Splash and Dash at the end just to hang with the boys, but we'll have to see what the weekly schedule is looking like at that point.

I need to ratchet up the training this semester to get everything ready, and I too will be attempting to reach a new goal weight (250 is my current goal). I better take another look at the Higdon stuff or one of the other Tri training sites. Half marathon training seems wise, seeing as how my longest runs have been just a little longer than the run of an Olympic tri. Ugh. Time is not on my side.

Matt's 2008 Goals/Races

Reach 185 pounds by March 1st. May be the hardest goal.

More time on the bike trainer and bike once the weather allows. 90+ minutes on the bike doesn't sound comfortable to me right now. That needs to change before June.
More abs work. Should be daily.
Running "speed work" once a week. I have a tendency to skip that part of the schedule.

After the Florida trip to visit my dad and the Sprint Tri. Start the Half marathon training using the Hal Higdon Intermediate schedule. Also it should be time to start shopping for the wetsuit.

Possible Schedule below:

March 9th Zephyrhills FL Sprint Tri
April 27th Lehigh Valley PA 1/2 Marathon.
May 17th Pine Barrens Sprint Tri (wetsuit trial run)
If May 17th Doesn't work out then I'll do part of this Black Bear with my friends from swim class.
June 1st Black Bear Sprint Tri in PA, again this is to break in the wetsuit.
June 7th Mooseman International Distance
June 29th Mountaineer International Distance Triathlon
July looks like recovery month unless the swim class people reel me into something nearby.
August 2nd Kinzua Country Tango Adventure Race. Solo? Tango? Relay?
If I'm hooked on Olympic/International distance maybe I'll do this next one.
August 17th Northeast Maryland Triathlon
If I'm still a sprint guy, then back to WV to race Craig again.
August 23rd Sprint Splash and Spin
Sept 21st Black Bear Tri Orono ME. If we can fit in a road trip to visit Jason and Anne.
Oct 4th NH 10K. I doubt my ability to Marathon. The 10K will be fine, any excuse to be at the farm.

That should keep me motivated.

Big Races in 2008?

Although I'd love to do the Mooseman and I know that it is the title of the blog, the average water temp scares me. I hate swimming when the water is warm. However, if I stay healthy, here is the list of major events I'm considering:

1. January 13th Phoenix Marathon
2. May 18th Delaware Marathon
3. July 4th- Lakewood NY 10k- A hometown favorite
4. July 12th Muncie Endurathon Half Ironman
5. August- Kinzua Tango
6. October 4th New Hampshire Marathon

Of course this is all subject to change based on injury status, motivation, family plans etc. There are a few of us trying to complete the 50 marathons in 50 state deal. Thus, I need to schedule a few a year to have hopes of avoiding not having enough years in life to complete it.

What is on the radar for the rest of you? Goals?

Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Well here it goes. Goal weight of 185 by March 1st. This will require some calorie reduction as I don't think I can add many more workouts to my schedule.
I thought I'd have my plan figured already but I don't. I guess I didn't make good use of the hours in the car over the break.
Since I don't have an exact plan at the moment I'll outline the strategy.
3 meals and 3 snacks a day.
Looking for each of these to have Carb, protein and fat as that allows for long lasting satisfaction.
Make sure to drink at least 70 oz of water a day.
I'll also be trying to go volumetric adding some fiber/complex carbs to meals.

Shawn was curious what my diet was going to look like. Here was today as you can see no snacks happened today. I'm guessing my 3+3 meal plan will workout better when I'm back at work.

4 Egg white, 1 yolk omelet with ham
2 slices protein bread toasted and buttered
Cup of coffee with half and half

Tuna salad on 1 slice of protein bread
small bowl of low fat vanilla yogurt with my own mixed berries added
cup of coffee with half and half

Grilled Chicken
Broccoli steamed
Butternut squash